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ES9476 MFP

  • ES9476MFP_front_with_RADF_LCF_MAIN
  • ES9476MFP_34_with_DSDF_PFP
  • ES9476MFP_34_with_DSDF_PFP_DM_IF_HPU
  • ES9476MFP_34_with_DSDF_PFP_DM_SSF_HPU
  • ES9476MFP_front_with_RADF_Cabinet

Fully integrating into workflows through OKI’s open  platform sXP and customisable touchscreen, the ES9476 MFP is a super-fast, reliable multifunction printer that combines the highest-quality output with high volume capacity, producing great results in any business.


Easy integration

Seamlessly optimises workflows after easy setup

Excellent productivity

Meets the heavy workload demands of today’s busy workgroups

Superb flexibility

Highest quality finishing options on a wide range of paper sizes

Low cost of ownership

Reduced energy consumption and servicing

Model Kod produktu Sugerowana cena detaliczna Funkcje
ES9476 MFP 46607510 Skontaktuj się z dealerem 900 sheet paper capacity

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