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Safetykleen is the world’s leading provider of surface treatment & chemical application services.

OKI Delivers Full-Colour On-demand Label Printing to Safetykleen

It is critically important for Safetykleen to be able to safely manage the chemicals it keeps and any hazardous waste generated in its operational processes, therefore materials must be correctly labelled when they are being transported - historically, a complex, costly and time-consuming process.  At great expense Safetykleen used various label types which tended to feature pre-defined fields for the company’s field reps to hand write on details of order numbers. Safetykleen implemented the latest Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM solution to provide enterprise resource planning (ERP), supporting a mobile app which allowed the service team to complete their services operation on a mobile device. Safetykleen then turned to durable labelling provider DURA-ID. DURA-ID’s comprehensive range of chemical labels includes a variety of pre-printed and user-printable labels for important identification, transportation and hazardous warning information. To deliver the appropriate printing capability, DURA-ID needed to partner with an established printing solutions provider that was also able to comply with BS5609. Safetykleen had a requirement both for label printing and for more general office printing. Safetykleen has now ordered a total of 24 ES7470 devices and 26 ES7411 printers to be installed across head office and a further 18 branch sites and is utilising OKI Managed Print Services (MPS) enabling them to pay a standard flat rate for colour and mono print. OKI’s online software will automatically take toner and drum levels from the printers and when new consumables are required, the machine automatically reorders them. It is a convenient and cost-effective approach and it also enables Safetykleen to budget more efficiently.  

“The solution that DURA-ID and OKI have delivered to us has transformed our whole approach to labelling and printing. Today, we no longer have the need to buy in pre-printed labels, or hand-write details and descriptions on them. The new process is much faster and more cost-effective. We have complete confidence in the quality of the labelling- and freeing up our customer reps time is really driving business agility.” - John Clark, UK Service Automation Manager, Safetykleen.
Download the full case study to find out how OKI was able to meet Safetykleen’s unique requirements thanks to its Multifunction Printer and Managed Print Services solutions.

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