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Discover how Florida based merchandising company Sweet Tees and more's business was transformed with OKI's White Toner Digital Transfer Media printer as a more profitable and faster alternative to screen printing and direct-to-garment printing.

Sweet Tees & more Prints for Profit in White

Founded in 2000, Sweet Tees & more is a one-stop garment printing shop based in Lakeland, Florida. The business specialises in screen printing and custom embroidery and for many years people have looked to the business to make their custom creations a reality. However, many of the designs were produced using a screen-printing process which is notoriously expensive and inefficient. To make screen printing viable, the business had to hold off producing customer orders until they had a minimum of 12 t-shirts to print, which could lead to customer frustrations. As a faster and more profitable alternative to screen printing and direct-to-garment printing, owner Leanne Douglas made the decision to invest in OKI’s White Toner Digital Transfer Media printer. Using digital transfer media printing, Sweet Tees & more’s business was transformed, cutting costs, and enabling more on-demand fulfilment of custom designs. Initially customers were uneasy with moving away from the screen-printing process, but they have been won over by the results Sweet Tees & more can now achieve with shorter lead times and lower costs.
“With the OKI printer, it’s so ridiculously inexpensive for us to print t-shirts and the mark-up is wonderful. Our customers are happy, we’re happy and we get the job done in a much more efficient way” - Leanne Douglas, Owner, Sweet Tees & more.

Hear from Leanne Douglas, Owner of Sweet Tees & more as she explains how OKI’s White Toner Digital Transfer Media printer has helped transform her business, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profits.

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