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Southwest Customised Clothing began as a new venture for Robert Smith who had previous experience working with cut vinyl and designing signs and banners. With growing demand for customised clothing and merchandise he decided to set up a new business, however, he discovered he was limited by the sublimation printer he had which restricted the types of orders the business could handle. Rob began the search for a more versatile transfer media printer that would allow the business to fulfil any customer request.

OKI helps Southwest Customised Clothing tailor its business to meet market demand

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When Southwest Customised Clothing first began responding to demand for customised workwear and merchandise, relying on a sublimation printer meant it was restricted to printing on white or pale colours. The business began receiving a lot of requests for black customised garments and following research, Rob discovered OKI’s White Toner Digital Transfer Media Printer – the Pro8432WT, a device that prints in CMY+White. This enables printing on transfer media in deep white and can also print a neutral white backing layer under colour, ideal for making designs stand out on dark garments. Southwest Customised Clothing can still customise pale garments or merchandise too, by simply swapping the white toner for black. An order of 20 customised t-shirts can now be completed in just 45 minutes and not only can the business customise garments of any colour, it can now also print on different types of transfer media that can be applied to a variety of products and materials including mugs, bags and other types of merchandise. 

“OKI’s Digital Transfer Media Printer saves a huge amount of time over the course of multiple garments, allowing you to do many more jobs overall than if you were using an alternative approach, such as direct to garment or screen printing.” – Robert Smith, Founder, Southwest Customised Clothing
Read the full case study to find out how Southwest Customised Clothing was able to diversify its services and respond to market demand for customised clothing and merchandise with OKI‘s White Toner Digital Transfer Media Printer.

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