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Creative designs come in all shapes and sizes, putting pressure on the graphic communications industry to provide high quality results for clients with maximum visual impact. 

To meet these requirements, print providers need reliable large format graphic arts printers that deliver brilliant colour, photo quality detail and lasting, high durability results for both indoor and outdoor applications.    

Key challenges

  • Print providers are under pressure to deliver high impact results but not all large format printers offer the flexibility and precision needed. Many large format printers start to lose colour density and detail in dark areas as they reach high speeds
  • Maintaining productivity is essential in busy printing environments, making equipment downtime costly, compromising service levels and risking reputation
  • Sunlight, pollution and other weather conditions cause outdoor signs, banners and vehicle wraps to fade and degrade. To ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business, outdoor media needs to be robust enough to withstand changing conditions
  • Providing indoor applications is a growing market where high quality prints will be viewed close up therefore high resolution and accurate print registration are essential.  Additionally in a confined indoor environment certified low odour inks are critical

How OKI can help improve your business

Impress customers with sharp detail and rich, glossy colour

No matter how small or large the design, today’s businesses demand vibrant colour and sharp, photo quality detail from graphic arts printing. 

Meeting these expectations, versatile large format graphic communications printers from OKI maintain accurate colour density even in dark areas. 

Combining high viscosity inks with advanced print heads, photo quality images are crisp and sharp. 

Innovative Dynamic Drop Printing (DDP) technology accentuates fine details and delivers smooth gradients and rich, glossy colours, even at high print speeds.  

Maintain productivity under pressure with reliable print performance

Purpose built to withstand demanding high-volume production environments, OKI large-format graphics printers are enhanced with a wide range of innovative features designed to save time and reduce manual input. 

Industrial high-frequency greyscale print heads increase the quality and reliability of the printer and print results. 

Smart Nozzle Mapping (SNM) technology re-maps clogged nozzles, minimising downtime while extending the life of the printhead, while intelligent CP_Manager software makes it possible to monitor and operate the printer from a PC, tablet or smartphone and get real-time updates via Twitter.

Achieve lasting durability for long-life outdoor applications

From custom vehicle wraps to banners, signs and awnings, outdoor media needs to be durable enough to withstand sunlight, changing weather conditions, pollution and other external factors. 

Featuring innovative low-odour, eco-solvent SX inks, OKI’s range of large-format graphics printers offer the flexibility to print on a wide range of media and provide the right print quality and UV stability for outdoor applications, making them ideal for creating banners, fleet and vehicle graphics, wall and floor graphics, POP displays, exhibition graphics and more. 

High ink pigmentation also creates ideal saturated prints for backlit applications.

Access new markets and additional revenue with for high-quality indoor applications

Light frames for technical textile and backlit materials over floor graphics, point of sales (POS) and point of presentation (POP) via different types of wallpaper offer a versatile range of applications. 

Together with the high value certification from UL LCC the “Greenguard Gold” and the approval from the Nordic Eco Label for OKI’s environmentally friendly SX-Ink we have the printers and inks that are perfect for this lucrative market.

Your benefits at a glance

  • OKI large-format graphic printers deliver deep, rich colour while maintaining quality and accurate colour density in dark areas even at high print speeds
  • Innovative features including user-changeable consumables, industrial high-frequency print heads and Smart Nozzle Mapping (SNM) technology save time and reduce manual input. Operate the device from a PC, tablet or smartphone and get updates via Twitter
  • Low-odour, eco-solvent SX inks offer a wide colour range and ideal durability and stability for outdoor applications. High ink pigmentation is ideal for backlit applications

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