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The high-quality, C610 DM A4 colour and mono printer combines LED technology with embedded DICOM software, printing directly from medical equipment without conversion software or external hardware. Also well-suited to general A4 office printing.



Description The C610 DM is our most compact DICOM imager. Primarly designed for Ultrasonography, it can of course be connected to other DICOM print SCU compliant modalities
Imaging Technology CMYK toner based engine with tandem technology. Light sources are LED arrays @ 600 ppi with multi level capability
Network 10/100 Base TX (RJ45) interface


Print Format - Paper weight A4 - 64 to 250gsm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 435 x 546 x 340mm
Weight (includes supplies) Approx. 26kg


Capability DICOM 3.0 Print SCP
Maximum Number of AET 25
Maximum number of calling modalities No Limitations
Maximum Connections 2 Simultaneous
Dicom Server Interface Integrated Web Server
Log Extended log capability in case of troubleshooting
LUT Support Identity, Reverse, Lin-od
Image Generation Specific color rendering optimized for medical images
Graphical Header Capability to add a graphical header on each printout


AET Name Print SCP Application Entity Title (AET)
Printer Tray Use preferred paper for your medical prints
Copy Send one, print what you need
Border Density Value from Black, White or Client
Empty Image Density Value from Black, White or Client
Replace Header by Logo Use a graphical header instead of text for enhanced communication on the printouts
Header Enter text that will print on top of page or select Logo
Footer Edit the text on page bottom
Contrast Add or remove contrast on the printouts
Brightness Add or remove brightness on the printouts
Hi Quality Glossy Black Print your greyscale images using best composite rendering
Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Gamma Range from 0.01 to 2.90 by step of 0.01
Values lower than 1.00 will lighten, values higher than 1.00 will darken the image
Smoothing Prompts C610 to use or not adjustable Sharpen filter to print
Polarity Force image polarity inversion if needed


On Embedded Web Server Full configuration of the server features, log viewing

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