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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The people of OKI, true to the company's "enterprising spirit", are committed to creating superior network solutions and providing excellent information and communications services globally to meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide in the information age.

Ever since it started its business as the first telecom equipment manufacturer in Japan, OKI has been developing and providing technologies, products and services to contribute to the development of society in areas including info-telecom and printers. Throughout its long history since its establishment in 1881, the genes OKI has been passing down and nurturing are those of the “enterprising spirit.”
OKI has experienced various ups and downs in its long history, but it was always able to overcome the unknown challenges by relying on this “enterprising spirit.” We believe it is important to develop technologies and products that meet the needs of the time, establish new business models, develop new customers and markets, and stay committed to quality manufacturing. Continuing to nurture this “enterprising spirit” is the corporate philosophy of OKI today.

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