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Item Type Notes
Additional Paper Tray 44472103
20151216030204105-MEM256G_512D.png/MEM256G_512D.png256 MB RAM 44302203
20151214104557855-MEM256G_512D.png/MEM256G_512D.png512 MB RAM 44302207
20151216030204693-SDC-A1.png/SDC-A1.png16 GB SDHC Memory Card 44301003 *1

*1 Encryption for authentication printing. Font you will not be able to download. In addition, if it is you use a non-OKI data genuine products, please note that operation can not be guaranteed.


Item Type Notes
Black Small capacity toner cartridge 44469818 2,000 pages *1
Yellow Small capacity toner cartridge 44469755 2,000 pages *1
Magenta Small capacity toner cartridge 44469756 2,000 pages *1
Cyan Small capacity toner cartridge 44469757 2,000 pages *1
CMYK Image Drum 44494203 20,000 pages *2
20161026081639061-FUS-C4J.png/FUS-C4J.pngFuser unit 44472604 60,000 pages
20161019092408115-BLT-C4H.png/BLT-C4H.pngTransfer Belt 44472203 60,000 pages

*1 Number of A4 pages yield compliant with ISO/IEC 19798.

*2 Average life of 3 pages per job from tray 1 in simplex printing.

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