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Established in Gladbeck, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany in 1982, La Print is a family run business specialising in customised clothing and merchandise. For many years the business focused on textile printing and embroidery, however its equipment prevented it from fulfilling requests for more customisation. This resulted in business being lost to competitors and La Print quickly needed a solution to meet the growing customer demand for short run customised products.

La Print embraces the power of personalisation on-demand with OKI’s Transfer Media Printers

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Without the right technology in place, La Print was unable to fulfil the growing demand for personalised products or the increase in online orders. This resulted in disappointed customers taking their business to competitors that could deliver on their individual needs. A visit to the showroom of the company’s IT partner led to La Print’s discovery of OKI’s Pro8432WT, White Toner Digital Transfer Media Printer. Impressed that such a compact device could handle short run customised transfer printing on demand, for use on a range of textiles, La Print owner Yasemin Aydogan purchased the OKI printer immediately. The transfers that the Pro8432WT produces can be applied to many different substrates, including all types of fabrics, from low-temperature synthetic blends to cotton, as well as creating garment customisations in bright whites and long-lasting colours. 

With the OKI printer in place, La Print can now fulfil customised orders, from one item to thousands, without turning away customers. La Print has become renowned in the local region for offering customers the flexibility to select their textile of choice and reliably delivering the customised garment quickly and cost effectively. Thanks to OKI’s White Toner Digital Transfer Media Printer, the business can now produce custom t-shirts for 60% less cost than it could using screen printing techniques. 

“OKI’s Pro8432WT is the perfect solution for bringing custom, creative print ideas to life in very short runs.” – Yasemin Aydogan, Owner, La Print

Read the full case study to learn more about how La Print is delivering on customer demands with the OKI White Toner Digital Transfer Media Printer.

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