During these unprecedented times, tomorrow is unpredictable for us all. The world is changing at a pace we have never experienced before. With nearly 80% of business activity being disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic1 the ability to quickly adapt to the new tomorrow, whatever that might be, is critical to survival.
OKI has been helping businesses and organisations to change as the world around us evolves in preparation for an unknown future. From keeping schools, government offices, transport stations and businesses safe, to ensuring food reaches vulnerable people quickly, as well as helping businesses diversify to meet changing customer demands.
To help keep your organisation operational during these challenging times, OKI is offering a free* ‘Adapt Today’ Business Agility Pack valued at approximately €500* with the purchase of an eligible OKI colour printer and a set of OKI Original CMYK toners*. For customers who already own an OKI colour printer, you can claim your 'Adapt Today' pack when you purchase a set of  OKI Original CMYK toners*.
Free ‘Adapt Today’ Business Agility Pack Valued @ €500+*

Produce, Print and Place

OKI’s ‘Adapt Today’ Business Agility Pack provides you with everything you need to adapt your business through visual communications created and printed in-house ready to place on-site to educate and engage customers as well as guiding purchasing decisions.

How OKI is helping businesses to ‘challenge the norm’

Through the pandemic OKI has been helping businesses and organisations to quickly adapt to changes in customer demands, market trends and government guidelines. Not only have we helped over 700 organisations to re-open quickly and safely through social distancing signage, we’ve also assisted businesses to challenge the norm by providing unique printing solutions that allow them to be more self-sufficient by reducing the reliance on third party suppliers.

Solutions that empower

Included in OKI’s ‘Adapt Today’ Business Agility Pack are powerful solutions to help organisations work more efficiently and cost effectively without having to rely on cumbersome or complex devices or costly, time consuming third party suppliers.

The Design Hub - All your creative and printing needs at your fingertips

The Design Hub powered by Shoppa, is OKI's one-stop-shop to all your design and printing needs. Empower your business to create and print professional quality, fully personalised visual communications and marketing collateral in-house, in a few simple clicks.
  • Access a library of templates and graphics or create your own, with easy to use ‘drag and drop’ functionality
  • QR code generator promotes customer engagement through low-touch communications
  • Adapt quickly to new guidelines, changing customer demands and market trends
  • No need to rely on third party designers and printers or professional skills
  • Save time and money with an in-house, end-to-end process
  • Increase customer loyalty and spend by delivering a personalised experience
  • Drive additional revenue through more responsive marketing
  • Create professional-standard prints on a wide range of media
  • User-friendly printing - manage all your printer and media settings with pre-set custom media files
  • Monitor your consumables status and order online when needed

ABBYY FineScanner turns your mobile device into a powerful scanner

ABBYY FineScanner is the first AI-powered smart mobile scanner for scanning paper documents and getting perfect digital copies to print and store adding scanning capabilities to your OKI printer while removing the need for a desktop scanner or MFP.
  • Extract OCR scans in 193 languages (including Japanese alphabet) with 12 output formats (docx, xls, pdf, txt, and more
  • Create, edit & enhance separate or multipage docs (up to 100 pages per file)
  • Save scans inside app with different tags and search capabilities
  • Share and export results anywhere - Email, messengers or save in cloud (Google Drive, Box, Evernote, Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, etc.
  • Automatically find images within the phone gallery

OKI's Augmented Reality Showroom

OKI's Augmented Reality (AR) application is designed to showcase the variety of visual communications you can print for your business or store. Simply go to the App Store or Google Play and search for ‘OKI AR Showroom’.

  • Visualise your signage and visual communications in situ within your own work environment
  • Experience how OKI’s range of compact HD colour printers and MFPs  fit where space is limited
  • Discover the breadth of eye-catching signage that can be produced with OKI’s award winning printers
  • Language agnostic, supporting businesses in any country
  • Free to download, simply search for ‘OKI AR Showroom’ on the App Store or Google Play
Find out how you can claim your free* Business Agility Pack from OKI worth approximately €500+

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