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For Hong Kong only


1. 為確保閣下所購買之OKI產品能享有本公司提供的保養服務,請於購買日起三十天內, 將上網登記至本公司, 保用方可生效.
3. 客戶由購買OKI產品日起計算,將獲得OKI提供為期十二個月的免費硬件維修保養服務(注意:保養期可因個別推廣活動而不同)。若保養期間客戶要求服務,客戶須出示
4. 維修保養並不包括打印色帶、炭粉匣、感光鼓、(彩色打印機之轉影帶及定影組件)、軟件、紙張或所有打印媒體等消耗品。
5. 保養服務並不包括定期檢查、清潔、搬運安裝及更換消耗品。
6. 本公司對於客戶在正常使用情況下,而產生之故障概屬保養範圍內提供免費維修服務。即使在保養期間,唯下列情況保養將失效或需收取維修費及零件費。
i) 曾經被非本公司授權之技術人員維修、改動、拆修。
ii) 因錯誤操作、濫用、人為處理上之疏忽或因不正常電壓、意外、水或火災、昆蟲、地震等天然災害導致之故障及損壞。
iii) 使用或曾使用非OKI之原廠消耗品、附件及裝置器材。
iv) 產品上之機身序號曾被刪改或除去。
v) 在產品規格以外使用或曾使用而導致之故障及損壞。
7. 所有用作保養維修之零件或更換組件均屬OKI所擁有。
8. 對於產品之故障而導致直接或間接之任何損失,OKI一概恕不負責。
9. OKI可作出提供或取消此項保養服務之權利。對於保養條款及細則如有任可爭議,OKI保留最終決定權。
1. For warranty service, customer needs to register your warranty online at OKI Hong Kong website within 30 days commencing from the date of purchase.
2. This warranty card is only applicable for customer who purchased OKI printer in Hong Kong or Macau. In Hong Kong area, it only includes HK Island, Kowloon, New Territories along KCRC and LRT routes.
3. For all printers, OKI grants a 12-month hardware repair service warranty (Note: Warranty period may vary according to sales promotion). The period shall begin from the date of the purchase of the printer by the customer. For asserting rights occurring from this warranty service, the customer shall hand in the original sales receipt with the date of the purchase, the name of the dealer, the model and the serial number of the printer on it, if requested to do so. A per call service fee will be charged if any one of the documents cannot be presented.
4. Consumable parts: All exterior covers, image drum, toner cartridge (fuser kit, waste Toner box and transfer belt for colour printer only), ribbons, software, paper or other print mediums and software are not covered under this warranty.
5. The warranty does not cover period checking, cleaning, relocation or replacing consumables items.
6. The warranty shall only comprise defects arising from using the product in a usual way; this warranty is void under any circumstance:
i) The printer has been modified, altered, repaired by persons other than OKI or OKI’s authorized service centres;
ii) The printer has been damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, physical damage, abnormal power supply, fire, flood, insect, natural calamities and negligence;
iii)  Using non-genuine OKI consumables, options and accessories.
iv)  The serial number of the printer has been modified, effaced or removed.
v) Operation or the attempt to operate the product outside the specifications laid down in written form
7. Any defective parts and units that have been replaced shall become OKI’s property.
8. OKI shall not be responsible and liable for any insurance coverage for the machine and the user shall take up his own insurance policy to cover such risks as the user deems fit.
9. OKI has reserved the right to issue and terminate this warranty. In case of any disputes, OKI reserves all right for final judgment.
Product Standard Warranty
OKI Colour MFP's (MC3 & MC5 series) 1 year on-site
OKI Colour Printer (C3, C5, C6, C7 and C8 series) 1 year on-site
OKI Mono MFP's (MB4 & MB5 series) 1 year on-site
OKI Mono Printer B4 B5, B7 & B8 series 1 year on-site
OKI Dot Matrix Printer 1 year on-site
*The following products are not eligible for this warranty: 
OKI Products not listed as above 
OKI ES Series Printer by Dealer
OKI MX Series Printer 


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