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Item Type Notes
20160705035732429-45479002_tray.gif/45479002_tray.gifAdditional Paper Tray 45479002 Capacity of 530 sheets of 80gsm.
20160705035731298-45393302 _lcf.gif/ 45393302_lcf.gifLarge Capacity Feeder 45393302 Capacity of 2,000 sheets of 80gsm.
20160705035731868-45466602_caster.gif/45466602_caster.gifCastor base 45466602
External Interface enabler 45518301
20151216022337721-45517901_wireless.gif/45517901_wireless.gifWLAN Interface 45517901
20151216022338038-45518001_antenna.gif/45518001_antenna.gifAntenna 45518001
20151216022338353-45518101_dataoverwite.gif/45518101_dataoverwite.gifData Overwrite enabler 45518101
20151216022339844-45518601_mifare IC card reader.png/45518601_mifare IC card reader.pngMifare IC card reader 45518601
20151216022339439-45518501_HID IC card reader.png/45518501_HID IC card reader.pngHID card reader 45518501
20151216022339126-45518401_IPSec enabler.png/45518401_IPSec enabler.pngIPSec enabler 45518401
20151216022338807-45518201_meta scan enabler.png/45518201_meta scan enabler.pngMeta scan enabler 45518201


Item Type Notes
Black Small capacity print cartridge 45488803 18,000 pages *1
20151216000101581-45435104_mk.png/45435104_mk.pngMaintenance kit 45435104 200,000 pages

*1 Number of A4 pages yield compliant with ISO/IEC 19752.

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