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Item Type Price Notes
20201106030859891-C650 2nd TRAY.png/C650 2nd TRAY.pngAdditional Paper Tray YA8001-1025G004
20201106061252448-C650 CASTER BASE.png/C650 CASTER BASE.pngCastor base YB8001-1833G004
WLAN Interface 45830222


Item Type Price Notes
20201001063332638/C650 BLACK TONER CARTRIDGE + WASTE TONER UNIT (AMERICAS).jpgBlack Toner cartridge YA8001-1088G036 7,000 pages *1
20201001063128562/C650 YELLOW TONER.jpgYellow Toner cartridge YA8001-1088G033 6,000 pages *1
20201001063203160/C650 MAGENTA TONER.jpgMagenta Toner cartridge YA8001-1088G034 6,000 pages *1
20201001063257509/C650 CYAN TONER.jpgCyan Toner cartridge YA8001-1088G035 6,000 pages *1
20201001065715313/C650 BLACK IMAGE DRUM.jpgBlack Image Drum YA8001-1099G016 50,000 pages *2
20201001065514550/C650 YELLOW IMAGE DRUM.jpgYellow Image Drum YA8001-1099G013 50,000 pages *2
20201001065555018/C650 MAGENTA IMAGE DRUM.jpgMagenta Image Drum YA8001-1099G014 50,000 pages *2
20201001065643954/C650 CYAN IMAGE DRUM.jpgCyan Image Drum YA8001-1099G015 50,000 pages *2
20201106042257153/C650-FUSER-UNIT.pngFuser unit YA8001-1032G014 60,000 pages
20201106060513870-C650 TRANSFER BELT.png/C650 TRANSFER BELT.pngTransfer Belt YA8001-1027G014 60,000 pages *2

*1 Number of A4 pages yield compliant with ISO/IEC 19798.

*2 Average life of 3 pages per job from tray 1 in simplex printing.

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