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ES9475 MFP


Item Type Notes
Large Capacity Feeder 45587601 Capacity of 1,000 sheets of 80gsm.
Punch Unit (2 holes) 45587402
20151216022337721-45517901_wireless.gif/45517901_wireless.gifWLAN Interface 45517901
Fax board 45588704
2nd line Fax 44955103
20151216022338038-45518001_antenna.gif/45518001_antenna.gifAntenna 45518001
20151216022336977-FX75B_Bridge_Kit_KN-2550.png/FX75B_Bridge_Kit_KN-2550.pngBridge kit 45588101
Damp Heater 45588401
20151216022338353-45518101_dataoverwite.gif/45518101_dataoverwite.gifData Overwrite enabler 45518101
Cabinet (Desk) 45588601
20151216022336696-FX75B_Drawer_Module_for_PFP_MY-1039.png/FX75B_Drawer_Module_for_PFP_MY-1039.pngDrawer Module 45588001 Capacity of 600 sheets of 80gsm.
Multi Staple Finisher 45587301
Saddle Stitch Finisher 45587101
20151216022339844-45518601_mifare IC card reader.png/45518601_mifare IC card reader.pngMifare IC card reader 45518601
20151216022339439-45518501_HID IC card reader.png/45518501_HID IC card reader.pngHID card reader 45518501
20151216022339126-45518401_IPSec enabler.png/45518401_IPSec enabler.pngIPSec enabler 45518401
20151216022338807-45518201_meta scan enabler.png/45518201_meta scan enabler.pngMeta scan enabler 45518201
Job Separator 45011902
Accessible Arm 45589501
Platen cover 45010801
RADF 45586901
Manual Pocket 44985501
Work tray 44954701


Item Type Notes
Staples 44954102
Staples 44954103

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