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OKI's retail solutions provide convenience & creativity for food & beverage retailers

Banner printing, poster printing, shelf displays, Information signage, shelf wobblers, POS material, promotional pop-ups

From expansive supermarkets to local grocery store branches and
independent artisanal retailers, high impact visual communications are essential in the world of food and beverage retail. As the giants of omnichannel set their sights on online sales, Grocery Retailers, as well as traditional Food and Beverage Retailers must prepare to compete.

Whether you are endorsing a specific brand or product, or promoting a cultural theme, OKI’s Retail Solutions can enhance the customer experience with powerful, eye-catching signage to influence purchasing decisions and increase basket value. From product labels and stickers to high definition product images, banners and signage, vouchers, coupons, branded paper bags, recipe leaflets and beyond, all this can be printed at the touch of a button, in-store, on demand.

OKI’s Retail Solutions for Food & Beverage Stores

OKI’s Retail Solutions provide the recipe for success when it comes to creating high impact visual signage. Our devices enable Food and Beverage Retailers to produce a wide range of applications from one printer, on a huge range of media, including double sided banners and posters,  pre-cut and waterproof media, everything to maximise the potential of your in-store communications.

Meet your new Specialist Retail Print Provider

Posters, Shelf displays, Information signage
Why outsource your in-store signage printing needs when you can print what you need when you need it with OKI's C800 Series printer. This ultra-compact, cost efficient A3 colour printer for retailers feature innovative, in-built digital LED technology, delivering high-speed, high-quality results on demand, in house on an unrivalled range of media. There’s no longer a need for large format printers and additional cutting equipment, or specialist printing devices. Print big or small from one compact device:

•    Unrivalled media handling capability
•    Print A6 up to A3 including 1.2m banners
•    Print on stock from 64 to 256gsm
•    Pre-cut media, signage, posters, shelf displays, banners
•    Flexible paper capacity and high capacity toners for printing

Drive Revenue through Visual Communications with Impact

Generally stocking seemingly endless ranges of produce, retailers rely on high impact printed materials to draw attention to specific products or brands to compete with others in their vertical and sell through produce which may be overlooked. OKI supports retailers with in-store printing that increases reactiveness and reduces costs.

OKI’s Retail Customers have already seen the benefits…

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