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OKI Launches the world smallest narrow width colour LED printer for tickets and labels


Provides enhanced work efficiency for medical, manufacturing and other sites requiring immediate printing of colour labels

with optional Roll Paper Holder

Singapore, 19 October 2022  –  OKI Pro330S colour LED printer is the world's smallest (*1) compact printer most suitable for medical, manufacturing, logistics, food and beverage.


The diversification of consumer needs has led to the demand for small-quantity, high-mix production, which has increased the demand for in-house label production.

The compact size of the Pro330S allows customers to produce colour labels in-house without occupying too much of their work space.


The Pro330S can print on die-cut labels as small as 21 mm wide x 50 mm long, making the printer ideal for a wide range of industries and applications that require improved visibility and identification through colour and immediate label production.

The simple internal mechanism, unique to OKI's LED printers, ensures both high reliability and ease of maintenance, reducing downtime from replacing consumables and maintenance items to clearing paper jams.

Printing is possible in as fast as 5 seconds from data reception (*2), so colour labels can be printed without stopping the customer's operation. Also, the printer does not stop unintentionally due to cleaning, even during continuous printing, making work time more efficient.

The Pro 330S provides excellent print results using plain paper and coated paper labels, synthetic paper and PET labels and can also be used for sites that require resistance to water damage and condensation - water and alcohol proof.


With the optional roll paper holder, labels up to 3 inches (82 mm) wide and 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter can be loaded, and the required number of labels can be printed and cut from the roll paper each time using the standard automatic cutting function (roll to cut printing) (*3).

The roll paper holder can be loaded not only with die-cut labels, but also with plain paper. Colour printing on roll paper and auto-cutting will help improve operational efficiency in shelf tag and POP replacement work at retail and distribution stores.


OKI will continue to provide products that contribute to the improvement of the work environment by taking advantage of the features of LEDs and carefully incorporating customer needs.


*1: In the footprint of colour LED/laser printers, as of September 2022, according to our research.

*2: Time from data reception until the leading edge of the paper reaches the paper exit.

*3: When cutting multiple labels, the maximum paper length is 551 mm or less.

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