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OKI Partners – A Relationship Built on Trust

A Partnership Built on Trust

As an award winning manufacturer of printers and multifunctional devices, OKI has long held the belief that business success is born from working closely with our partners to develop outstanding industry solutions and services that answer the needs of our customers. 

Over many years we have worked with our channel partners to deliver superior products, expertise and support, leading to both sales and revenue growth. 

OKI’s success is dependent on the success of our partners which is the philosophy behind our partnership with appointed OKI dealers. 

Trust and loyalty are attributes that embody the way OKI works with our partners and customers.

Success - Boost your Business

Grow your business by becoming an OKI partner (dealer). 

OKI offers our partners a structured and supportive approach and a complete range of incentives, tools and training. As our partner, you will gain access to the use of our demo machines as well as to facilities within our OKI printer showroom. 

This combined with OKI’s product innovation and extended services, will help you build on your existing customer base and develop new opportunities.

Working together we can identify where we can deliver the knowledge, products and sales support that will drive your business success. 

We believe that transparency and cooperation are essential in delivering a working partnership that will not only benefit you but also your customers.

Stay Informed

OKI Partners will receive first hand updates on developments within OKI, special training sessions and will have the opportunity to attend OKI hosted events where you can network with experts from the print industry including other OKI Partners.

You will also have access to press releases and regularly updated marketing material as useful tools to support your sales and research.

Becoming an OKI Partner also brings you closer to us, whether your concerns are sales- or technical-related, we will ensure that you are given the direct support that you need.

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