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The smart production and bold performance of the E-64s delivers a standard of quality in a convenient way. Working with the high performance ECO ink enables printing on a wide range of media with a very high durability for outdoor and the perfect quality on indoor applications

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Functional and flexible, the ColorPainter E-64s uses the same high viscosity SX inks as all other OKI premium printers. Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) and Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology ensure great quality images with no colour density loss, reduced overspray and eliminates pass-to-pass banding. SX ink is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications providing strong luminescence, especially when backlit.

High Definition images – Smart dot control algorithm creates rich, bold, glossy colours for superior quality images,drawings, labels, stickers and other applications with readable fonts as small as 2 point size.

The ColorPainter E-64s features Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) technology together with Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology to deliver consistently rich, bold, glossy colours with fine details throughout. An in-built production unit provides added flexibility for professional users.

  • DDP technology optimises dot size and density for consistently high quality, even at high speeds
  • SP4 technology dot control algorithm control delivers fine image quality for skin tones and smooth gradients in pastel shades
  • Industrial high-frequency, greyscale print heads provide precise constant drop control
  • Stable, constant colour density of high quality up to top speed print mode
  • High density prints available in many print modes without quality and speed reduction

SX ink designed to perform – SX ink with high viscosity and pigmentation is designed for high performance and most large format printing requirements

Ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, high viscosity SX ink delivers outstanding colour density. It is also odourless, removing the need for an extraction system. High quality indoor applications and long-life outdoor durability - all from one printer.

  • High-viscosity SX ink provides exceptional colour density
  • Strong colours and high density black enable impressive backlit frames
  • Depth effect produces near-original quality of oil painting replicas on canvas
  • Produces photo-realistic, glossy poster prints on white or photo paper with full, bright colour gamut
  • Photo paper enables photo-realistic living pictures
  • Prints wall paper with strong colours, deep black and sharp edges on fine details
  • Low odour ECO SX ink is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and evaluated to use for Nordic Swan Ecolabel printouts, for outstanding image quality on indoor applications
  • Prints readable labels and stickers with sharp logos and fine text down to 2 point fonts
  • Vinyl print for vehicle wrapping has a high flexibility and strong stable colours while stretching the vinyl
  • Un-laminated outdoor applications are the most durable on the market

Smart technology – Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) and Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology for best quality results

Built for excellent graphics printing, the versatile ColorPainter E-64s combines Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) and Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology. Using several different drop sizes, image quality and colour remain at a superior level, even at the highest print speeds. SP4 uses advanced algorithms and improved mask patterns to reduce overspray and eliminate pass-to-pass banding.

  • DDP technology produces great quality results
  • Optional high density mode increases colour density on special media without impacting speed and quality
  • The high density mode also increases details even on dark backgrounds
  • Innovative SP4 technology reduces overspray and eliminates pass-to-pass banding, especially for high speed printing

Reliable performance – Easy-to-use software including CP Manager to control the printer from a PC, smart nozzle mapping and optional features

Reliable and easy-to-manage, the ColorPainter E-64s features Smart Nozzle Mapping 3 (SNM3) technology to identify and replace clogged nozzles. Additional CP Manager software enables users to monitor and operate directly from a PC.

  • Printer calibrations including media feeding and bi-directional adjustment can be carried out automatically for easier printing
  • SNM3 print head feature replaces up to 10 clogged nozzles without impacting speed or quality, reducing downtime and increasing the lifetime of the print heads
  • CP Manager printer control software enables easy print monitoring and operation, directly from a PC
  • Safe Scanning System (SSS) extends the lifetime of the print head and protects against media cockling (rippling)
  • Air Flow System dries ink fast, in-built efficient heater accelerates drying and ensures safe winding at take-up unit in all print modes
  • An (optional) active switchable ionizer can neutralise electrostatic charging automatically during printing, for perfect results on electrostatic sensitive media (mainly used for indoor media)
  • Printhead warranty is valid under the printer 2 year warranty without nozzle shot restriction

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