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Magee opts for tailored MPS solution from OKI

About the company

Magee of Donegal is a well-known clothing manufacturer and retailer based in Donegal, Ireland. Originally known for their handwoven Donegal tweed and crafts products, the company has greatly expanded its offerings since it was first founded in 1866. Today, the company employs just over 120 staff and its markets are still largely through retail outlets which can be found across Ireland and the UK. Its growing online sales market has also allowed it to gain wide international attention.

The challenge

Magee of Donegal is a set of three companies – clothing collection, weaving and the Donegal retail shop, with a developing business through its online store. It also has a manufacturing site in Ballymena, Northern Ireland,  
and two shops in Dublin.
In 2012 the management explored the possibilities of Managed Print Services, driven in part by a shrinking IT department and the costs of re-staffing. Magee agreed to a three-year contract Managed Print Services proposal from OKI  and its partner BMC Office of Ballymount, Dublin that promised significant cost reduction and the rationalisation and upgrading of its printer fleet.

The solution

Before making its proposal, BMC Office and OKI conducted a thorough audit of the print function at Magee of Donegal. A major element was the replacement or consolidation of the company’s then 33 print devices to 24 OKI Executive Series models. Additionally, print management software was installed in order to enable remote monitoring and proactive service, including technical support alerts and consumable replacement alerts. The installation of the new devices, along with staff training and initial technical support, were all carried out by OKI’s expert staff as part  of the Managed Print Services agreement.

The benefits

Through OKI’s Managed Print Services, Magee of Donegal has achieved an annual cost savings of more than 25 per cent, year on year.

According to Magee’s IT manager, Gerry Cunningham, the biggest benefit for the company has been the unprecedented level of control it has gained over every aspect of the print function. This has allowed the IT team to save countless hours, which they otherwise would have spent monitoring the stock of the various consumables they were previously using.

“I used to spend a lot of time running around after print problems and trying to monitor stocks of all sorts of consumables when I should really have been doing other things,” says Cunningham. “Shedding that responsibility has been great for our little IT department and the MPS has unquestionably been more efficient and controlled than we could have achieved with what we used to have.”

The company was also able to reduce downtime and quickly address any problems concerning the new devices, thanks to OKI’s expert technical support, which was included with the Managed Print Services agreement.

“We found them very good and very helpful, always at the end of the phone,” says Cunningham. “Since then we rely on the general OKI Help Desk which has been fine any time we needed a bit of help. As for technician visits, they have seldom been required. I’d guess we’ve not had much more than half a dozen over the years, but always promptly if there was an issue.”

Another key benefit delivered by OKI’s Managed Print Services is that the individual operations are dispersed between the weaving, clothing and retail shops, as well as its factory in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. 

“Across those locations about 70 employees need access to print,” explains Cunningham. “There are also three separate companies, each with its own letterhead, invoice stationery and so on. We have also moved to a Spindle document management system, which automatically generates the appropriate documents from workflow for each company. On the other hand, the Managed Print Service is invoiced centrally, with the print control software and DCA [Data Collecting Agent] making the allocation of charges between the companies and the cost centres very easy and transparent.”

The annual cost savings achieved, as per the initial MPS proposal, amounted to just over 25 per cent year on year, Gerry Cunningham confirmed. 

“Our volumes at the time of the print audit were just  under 370,000 pages annually, with about 9 per cent of that in colour – which also accounted for 35 per cent of the costs. That general pattern has continued, with a rise in annual volume and in the proportion of colour printing. We have had a graphic designer on staff for the last year, for example, so we have been exploiting the banner printing and other capabilities of the OKI devices to produce much more in-store point-of-sale and promotional material for the shops.

“We also do nice A5 flyers with special discount offers throughout the year for various events here in Donegal. There are, for example, a bridge congress and several Country & Western weekends that are very successfully targeted. We work with the local hotels on promotion, which has turned out well because the demographic is right, especially for our traditional products.” 

The future

In 2015, Magee of Donegal renewed its contract with OKI for an additional three years. 
“I suppose that indicates that we are happy with the MPS and its value,” says Cunningham. 
The OKI Smart Managed Print Services programme encompasses a range of tried and tested methods and tools to establish the current state of an organisation’s print related costs and processes before OKI create a professional bespoke proposal to suit individual customer specific requirements. Our sales and engineering staff work closely with our key partners to offer Managed Print Solutions with maximum customer value.

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