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Personalized products made possible with OKI's Pro1050 label printer

About Tea Club

Tea Club is a family-run company established in Poland in 1990, it is an importer and distributor of high-quality tea and coffee, which is sold in specialised stores throughout Poland, including the boutique chain Five O'Clock.

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Industry: Food & Beverage Product: Pro1050 | Location: Poland

Tea Club is a family-run tea import company in Poland. The success of the business led to the family opening a chain of tea and coffee shops called Five O’Clock which also sell special blends of teas and coffees directly to consumers. The company has seen an increasing demand for more personalised products and sought a solution to help them become more self-sufficient in fulfilling these requests by designing and printing its own labels in-house. 

Tea Club was using an external print supplier however, this involved ordering in very large quantities which often exceeded its requirements and led to a lot of wastage. It also meant personalising products was not an option it could offer customers. At the recommendation of OKI authorised partner Extreme based in Warsaw, the company invested in OKI’s Pro1050 Five Colour Label Printer. Tea Club now has the flexibility to print the exact volume of labels it needs when needed. It has also become more creative with designs, printing its own labels and personalised labels for its clients on a range of different materials. The ability to print white on both coloured and transparent media allows for greater creative scope in their label designs.

Watch the video case study to find out more about how OKI’s Pro1050, Five Colour Label Printer, is helping Tea Club adapt to changing demands and driving additional revenue through personalisation.

Video of how OKI's Pro1050 label printer is helping Tea Club's business operations

“I must admit, investing in the Pro1050 printer was a good decision as it’s proving to be extremely useful in our daily operations and in creating and printing all our label designs in-house.” 

Marek Brzezicki, Founder & Co-owner of Tea Club and Five O’Clock Club

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