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Outstanding Durability and Ease of Maintenance

Durability and Maintenance
What is the most important in printers and multifunction printers used at the office is not to disrupt business, which means always to perform. OKI DATA uses LED to provide its devices with outstanding durability and ease of maintenance.


Compared to the laser method, which requires the distance from the light source to the image drum to be at least 10 cm, the LED method only needs a distance of just 1 cm. This compactness is one of the reasons OKI DATA has focused on LED.

High Speed

OKI’s printers and multifunction printers utilize single pass technology for printing the four CMYK colors on one pass over the paper, and a unique RADF feed mechanism (*) has also been developed to shorten the feed route and achieve high speeds even for duplex printing, thereby supporting office business activities.

Highly Detailed Expression

Highly Detailed Expression
LED print heads tend not to produce aberrations even when printing in large formats and offer distinctive performance in reproducing small fonts and fine lines. Moreover, use of MICROFINE HD Toner (*), just 5 to 6 microns in size, helps make highly detailed expression possible.

Left Image : MICROFINE HD Toner makes possible sharp

Right Image : Highly detailed expression even with small fonts.

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