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OKI Launches World’s Smallest High-Performance A4 and A3 Colour Printers


New C650 and C834 will free up precious office space and provide performance, reliability, and ROI

Malaysia, 31 March 2021 – OKI has launched the C650 and C834 colour printers in Malaysia. The printers are the world’s smallest printers in their respective A4 and A3 printer categories. Built with OKI’s digital LED technology, the printers deliver value with performance, great media-handling, and cost-efficiency typically found on large machines. The printers would give businesses the option to bring outsourced print jobs in-house, which means they would suit businesses in retail, hotels, construction, restaurants, healthcare, education, and much more.

The C650 and C834 will produce printouts at a quick 35 and 36 (A4) pages per minute, respectively. The printers can handle an unrivalled range of media, making them perfect for printing everyday documents and all kinds of marketing collateral and signage. The C650 and C834 can print on media as thin as 60gsm (64gsm for C834) right up to 256gsm, in B8 size to banners up to 1.32m in length. Separate toners and long-life drums used by both printers enable a high duty-cycle plus optimal use of consumables, ideal for organizations that require high-volume printing and high-colour coverage.

With Space Saving Technology, OKI has shrunk the C650 to fit into tight spaces, such as small office workstations or racks in retail shops and backend offices. Users of this printer only need front access to operate it and carry out maintenance tasks, such as replacing consumables like toners, drums, etc. Compared to other printers with a similar footprint, this significantly reduces the space offices need. Competitor designs often require more access room on the sides for maintenance, but the C650 only needs 2cm space around its sides.

The C834 is not short on features despite its small size. The printer is equipped with a clear, easy-to-use screen and has wireless connectivity as standard. Its impressive ProQ2400 multi-level technology and high-resolution ensure sharp and clear printouts. New energy-saving technology enables the C834 to automatically power down to less than 0.15W when not in use. Running costs is also kept low thanks to high-capacity consumables.

Enhancing convenience for users, OKI introduced Near-Field Communication (NFC) into both C650 and C834, which makes it possible to print from smartphones or tablets. Just three simple steps are required – tap the mobile device onto the printer, select a file, and hit print on the “Mobile Print” app. The app from OKI is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.1

Projects that require the setup and installation of many printers can be bugbears for IT departments, but this can be made easier with OKI's ‘NFC Setting Tool’ and ‘Driver Installer Generator’ (DIG). NFC Setting Tool is an application that writes setting information to the printer using NFC from a mobile device without the need to turn on the printer, thus simplifying the setup process. DIG enables printer drivers to be installed on multiple computers without DVDs with drivers, administrator privileges, or for an administrator to be present on-site. Both applications significantly reduce the time needed for printer fleet deployment, especially where large numbers are involved. NFC Setting Tool is ready to be used with the C650, and an update for the C834 is coming soon. DIG is available for both models.

“We are excited because the new C650 and C834 colour printers make in-house printing professional,” says Masahiko Tsuda, Managing Director of OKI in Southeast Asia. “A smaller printer often means compromise, but the C650 and C834 are unique because they offer performance, productivity, quality, and deliver true ROI. In fact, the C834 has received notable industry accolades around the world, and because this printer offers excellent value, it is enjoying strong global sales, especially in Japan and Europe. We feel confident both the C650 and C834 will help many businesses here.”

The C650 is now available on the market. C834 stocks should arrive around May. For more information, please contact your OKI dealer.

1 Wireless LAN (standard on C834, optional on C650) is required for printing via NFC, and it is available in selected countries.

C650 Augmented Reality Tool (AR)

OKI C650 augmented reality tool
OKI C650 augmented reality

Take a look at how the C650 would look in your office. It's simple and easy to use, just scan the QR code. 

The OKI C650 augmented reality tool requires your mobile device to have compatible OS versions later than Android 8.0.1 and iOS 13.

Added Notes:

Specifications2: C650 / C834

• Print resolution 

 C650: 1200 x 1200 dpi  / 600 x 600 dpi 

C834: ProQ Multi-level technology / 1200 x 600 dpi / 600 x 600 dpi


• Size

 C650: 395 x 430 x 290 mm (WxDxH)

C834: 449 x 552 x 360mm (WxDxH)


• Print speed 

 C650: 35ppm colour/mono

C834: A4: 36ppm colour/mono; A3: 20ppm colour/mono


• Time to first print

 C650: 6.5 seconds

C834: 6.3 seconds

2 Specification subject to change without notice. 

All trademarks acknowledged.


“World’s Smallest High-Performance A4 Colour Printer” – based on OKI research conducted in January 2021. The C650 is smaller than any colour LED and laser printers with listed print speeds of more than 25ppm.

“World’s Smallest High-Performance A3 Colour Printer” – based on OKI research conducted in February 2021. The C834 is smaller than any A3 colour LED and laser printer currently available on the market.

[C600 Series] C650 Launch Presentation

C650 Launch Presentation

[C800 Series] C834 Product Introduction, Small But Mighty

C800 Series Product Introduction

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