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Ruwag was established over 25 years ago as a supplier of power tool accessories. The family-owned business has seen significant growth since its humble beginnings and now supplies a huge range of products for the hardware retail market around the world. The company required a simple and flexible in-house label printing solution that could handle very short runs of customised labels as well as large volume runs for batch printing.

OKI label printer helps Ruwag nail its packaging process

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Ruwag prints labels for its range of 4,000 products in-house. Each product requires customised labels with product specific part numbers and information. The company began searching for a flexible label printing solution that could reliably deliver on its requirements. After seeing a demonstration of OKI’s Pro1050 at a trade show, Ruwag engaged with OKI partner NSI Label to supply and install the device as well as provide training to its team. 

Since the installation of the OKI printer, label production has significantly improved.  It is quicker with fewer rejections, less wastage and a lot less maintenance.  Now Ruwag can print everything it needs on five different label formats, requiring less label stock than previously. Ruwag had initially forecasted that it would produce 1.5 million labels per year, but the OKI device has allowed the company to scale this up to 3 million. 

“The colour reproduction of OKI’s Pro1050 is very accurate and consistent. We vary between very short-runs and big-volume runs and the OKI label printer can accommodate this.  We also now have the flexibility to put product-specific information on packaging instead of generic information.” - Aubrey Woodbridge, Product Manager, Ruwag.

Hear more about Ruwag and the optimisation of its packaging label process from Product Manager, Aubrey Woodbridge.

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