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Social enterprise fighting back against food waste while helping people back to employment

Creating Fresh Soups and New Beginnings Thanks to OKI’s Five Colour Label Printer

enVie, a socially-driven organisation based in Belgium, creates healthy soups from surplus vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. It also promotes job creation by giving long term unemployed people opportunities to return to work.

With a goal to improve the efficiency of its workflows as well as cost and waste reduction, enVie identified label printing as an area where improvements could be made. Furthermore, in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, enVie launched the ‘Robin Food’ project with other organisations to transform food surpluses from farmers into healthy sustainable meals that are made accessible to vulnerable people and families during the crisis. This created an even more urgent demand for labels.

OKI’s partner Tasco recommended OKI’s Pro1050 Five Colour Label Printer. Following the installation of the Pro1050, enVie can now create specific quantities to match soup batch volumes, meaning it no longer pays for surplus labels which take up space in storage and are often thrown away. Each label produced with OKI’s Pro1050 is robust and UV resistant, and the organisation can now also experiment with different formats, and designs. Thanks to OKI’s Pro1050 enVie can print up to nine metres of labels a minute, accelerating the production rate.

“From the first day OKI’s Pro1050 was installed, we started printing our colour labels. Our project started with 20,000 litres of soup and with the support of the public we collected funds to produce 70,000 litres of soup! With our new printer, we have complete flexibility to print colourful labels for both Robin Food and for our enVie soups.” – Naomie Smith, General Manager, enVie.

Read the full case study to find out more about how OKI’s Pro1050 Five Colour Label Printer is helping enVie deliver great soups to feed the community.

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