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OKI helps Integrated Marketing Agency The Think Tank bring creative visions to life in vibrant colour


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The Think Tank B2B marketing agency have been using OKI printers for over 10 years. The agency was first attracted to the brand thanks to the depth, accuracy and vibrancy of colour that OKI’s digital LED technology offers, combined with A3+ media flexibility – all qualities which represent the needs of the agency and their customers. The Think Tank team use OKI’s A3 colour printers to produce customer facing materials such as mock-ups, proofs, mood boards and proposals for meetings, making speed and reliability, colour accuracy and media flexibility - important benefits they have come to rely upon. OKI’s printers are also used by the agency team for day-to-day printing requirements including press releases, press packs and labels, as well as helping the creative team to visualise creative work, particularly in colour. Using their OKI A3 colour printers, the team can bring a diverse range of designs to life, including sample brochures and animated design storyboards, and present realistic mock-ups to clients which can be printed in-house, on demand which is critical in a fast-paced agency environment.
“We use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and the OKI printer actually fits in with all those in terms of the colour quality you get from it, so what you see on the screen matches what you see when it is printed out.”- Shaun Madle, Creative Director, The Think Tank

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