Clinique Taoufik

Tunisia’s first privately run healthcare institution

OKI’s Healthcare Solutions improves patient satisfaction while saving costs thanks to DICOM embedded printers.

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Clinique Taoufik’s radiology department serves private patients from Tunisia and neighbouring countries. It relies on high quality medical imagery to diagnose medical issues but imaging equipment can be costly to run and the quality of printed images isn’t always up to the standard that radiology staff expect. This was the issue with the existing paper based solution in place at Clinique Taoufik, which led the company to look for an alternative solution. Following the implementation of OKI’s Healthcare Solutions including DICOM-embedded printers through OKI partner IBS Informatique, the clinic is printing 80% of its medical imaging on paper and experiencing increased quality and reduced cost in medical image printing. OKI’s DICOM solution now enables the radiologists to print sharp and precise medical images on standard paper in colour as well as black & white and the clinic has also experienced a 75% reduction in print costs.

“Thanks to OKI’s DICOM solutions we have reduced cost and increased the quality of medical documents for our patients” – Dr. Mohamed Salah Kechaou, Clinique Taoufik
Watch the video case study to find out more about how OKI’s Healthcare Solutions have helped Clinique Taoufik.
Clinique Taoufik

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