C600 Series


  • C650 3-4 LEFT WITH PRINT
  • C650 3-4 LEFT
  • C650 TOP OPEN
  • C650 + 2nd + 3rd + 4th TRAY 3-4 WITH PRINT
  • C612 + TOTEM + BANNER 1

With Space Saving Technology, the C650 is the world's smallest high performance colour printer, delivering the performance, media handling and cost-efficiency of the leading workgroup device packaged in a compact and robust desktop printer body.


You can expect massive performance from the super-compact C650. As the world’s smallest high-performance A4 colour printer, the C650 is perfect for businesses where space is limited. Typically, compact printers are compromised when it comes to quality, running costs and speed. The C650 turns this on its head by providing all the best attributes you’d expect from a workgroup device in the form of an A4 desktop colour printer, including unrivalled media handling and unbeatable cost-efficiency.

Ideal for any business – especially those where space is at a premium

With Space Saving Technology, the C650 thrives where space is tight and performance is a priority. It’s durable enough for warehouse use and can slot neatly into an enclosed space in a kiosk, or on a production line and is equally at home in the back office.

  • Small frame requires the minimum amount of space
  • Full front access makes maintenance easy and reduces space required to service device
  • 48% metal construction increases reliability and durability

Not just small – fast and flexible too, with superior print speed and diverse media handling

The C650 makes short work of everything from visual communications and marketing collateral to customer invoices, helping businesses adapt quickly and cost efficiently to changing circumstances, by enabling them to print everything they need in-house and on-demand.

  • Provides the best media handling in its class
  • High-speed printing with exceptional quality in rich LED colour
  • Prints at 35 A4 pages per minute
  • Prints with ease on media as light as 60gsm and up to 256gsm, as small as B8 or up to 1.32m long

Print durable, high quality labels, on a wide range of different substrates including waterproof, freeze-proof and UV resistant in full colour. Sharp print for barcodes, clear crisp text and vibrant graphics for a range of labelling applications.

  • Waterproof & Freeze-proof
  • UV & Oil Resistant
  • 2D & 3D Barcodes

The long-life printer designed to deliver true ROI

Designed for a very long life, the C650 is built to print, and print, and print, perfect for high volume and high coverage colour printing.

  • Long life and high duty cycle
  • Separate toners and drums ensure the maximum usage of all consumables
  • All consumables are user changeable with no hidden surprises

The printer with a lower environmental impact

Environmental responsibility has become a key driver for consumers and businesses alike. The C650 isn’t just a compact printer – it also has reduced impact on the environment compared to other printers.

  • Small size and innovative design uses less plastic than comparable devices
  • Lowest proportion of plastic used in an OKI colour printer
  • Robust and durable metal makes components last longer, reducing waste
  • Revised toner cartridge design reduces the logistical footprint while maintaining high capacity
  • Smaller device and toners require significantly less packaging

The C650 – a small printer with big capabilities – perfect for any industry

The C650 is right at home in a range of different sectors particularly when space is tight and performance is a priority delivering fast, reliable, professional quality printing of a variety of applications from one small device.


Retailers need to react quickly to shifting conditions such as price changes, promotional offers, new product lines and evolving market and social trends, encouraging shoppers through the door and engaging with them in-store, to help influence purchasing decisions and increase basket value. The C650 empowers retailers to achieve this through the power of visual communications. Having the flexibility to print everything on-demand when needed, from everyday documentation to vibrant and eye-catching POS and promotional material including freestanding and hanging banners, social distancing signage, floor and window stickers and beyond. The C650’s unique Space Saving Technology makes it ideal for busy retail environments where space is at a premium. In retail both space and time is money and the C650’s design and robust construction ensures it uses minimum space and is always available.

Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés (HoReCa)

HoReCa businesses have a huge appetite for creating a memorable experience driving repeat bookings and positive reviews.   Printed materials play a huge part in achieving this. From personalised banners and signage up to 1.3m long to tablecloths, place cards, waterproof menus, door hangers, tent cards, vouchers, floor and window stickers, event material and more, the ability to print a huge range of applications on-demand, in-house, even handling last minute changes will help exceed customer expectations. The C650 makes fast, cost-effective in-house printing a reality for HoReCa businesses thanks to its small footprint and excellent reliability. The C650’s Space Saving Technology makes it ideal for situating at the reception desk or in the back office of a restaurant or café.


Colour is important when it comes to printing educational materials and the C650 delivers rich and vibrant results, but that’s not all. This compact device has huge potential for educational institutions, including everyday documentation, teaching materials and test sheets, wall, floor and window stickers, membership cards, certificates, school/university brochures and flyers and so much more. The C650 is designed to fit where space is limited and its robust construction provides excellent reliability. It’s also designed for secure printing, allowing restricted access to the printer through IC card authentication, encryption and PIN entry, protecting private student data.


The C650 is designed to thrive in busy hospital and healthcare environments where an abundance of medical equipment means space is often at a premium. The C650 ticks all the boxes for hospitals and healthcare organisations when it comes to choosing the right printer, providing speed, reliability, professional results and, most importantly, security when it comes to handling private and confidential patient data. From everyday documentation to wristbands, medical test results and images, prescriptions, and educational flyers and signage the C650 is the compact do-it-all printer that can be relied on in any healthcare environment.

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