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Diet-Foot has come a long way since it was established as a fruit and vegetable importer and exporter 25 years ago. The company launched its own brand of healthy foods in 2013 and is now one of Poland’s largest organic food producers. However, a laborious, costly and inflexible labelling process meant the business needed a better solution for printing its packaging.

OKI provides Diet-Food a tasty solution for customers with direct to packaging printing

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As Diet-Food’s customer base has grown, so has its customers’ expectations for personalised packaging to meet their own marketing requirements. Diet-Food had been ordering large quantities of packaging labels from a third-party supplier, however, this costly and lengthy process meant the company was forced to order minimum production quantities. It also prevented Diet-Food from making last-minute changes to its packaging design, while surplus labels created unwanted wastage. The company was in search of a solution to optimise its packaging printing process and opted for OKI’s Pro9542 CMYK+White printer which prints directly onto packaging, including pouches. 

Since OKI partner Poligrafia Lowicz installed the Pro9542 and provided training, Diet-Food’s packaging printing expenditure has dropped and the company can now print the exact volume of pouches it needs on demand, from a single unit to 100, or even 1,000. This has made the process quick and cost efficient, as well as a lot more environmentally friendly. The ability to print CMYK+White has given Diet-Food more creative freedom, and the product range a much more premium feel. The introduction of OKI’s digital production printer has also resulted in savings in time and costs of up to 20% and the company can offer lower prices and fulfil smaller customer orders as a result. 

“OKI’s direct to packaging printing technology has enabled us to grow our business faster and to better respond to our customers’ needs. We seriously recommend the Pro9542, as this investment has given us the flexibility to produce our own packaging, which has made our company much more independent” – Michał Szafarz, Co-owner, Diet-Food.

Hear from Michał Szafarz, Co-owner of Diet-Food as reveals how OKI’s digital production printers have given Diet-Food the flexibility to produce its own packaging, quickly and cost effectively in-house and on-demand.

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