Smallest Laser Printers for Sale in Australia

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Are You Looking For A Small Laser Printer


If you have a small or medium-sized business, you might be looking to find a small laser printer that is suitable for your office. Whether you have just a couple of users or a workforce of hundreds, you need a printer that is small enough to sit comfortably on a desk or in a corner, but big enough to cope with day to day printing needs – whether that is A4 or A3, cardstock, labels or marketing collateral.

What Is The Smallest Laser Printer Available In Australia?

The small office printers that many businesses currently use create prints by ‘drawing’ the image onto the drum using a highly focused beam of light that is directed using a mirror. This light beam creates static electricity that attracts the toner, which is then transferred onto the paper. Even the smallest laser printers have fast, quality output that is cheaper and more efficient than inkjet or dot matrix printers.

However, OKI has been at the forefront of printer technology for more than 30 years and in1989 we created the world’s first LED printer. Using an array of Light-Emitting Diodes in much the same way as the laser printer, our technology has fewer moving parts, faster transfer and High Definition output. OKI quality is not compromised when the size is reduced.

To understand fully just how OKI LED printers are the best choice when you are looking for the smallest laser printers, you need to recognise the difference between LED, laser or inkjet technology and use that knowledge to inform your decision.

How To Choose The Best Small Laser Printers For Your Needs?

Traditionally printing has been seen as a peripheral – here at OKI we know that printing is integral to business communication and success, and we have spent time developing our innovative LED printing technology to allow businesses of all sizes the opportunity to print documents to a professional quality in house.

The array used in our small laser printers applies light to create an image on the drum all. This light pattern attracts toner using static electricity in the same way that the laser printer does – however, it all happens at once, which makes the whole process more efficient. Combining this simple LED print head with our straight paper path makes printing faster, smoother and reduces jams.

Small Laser Printers Vs Environment Friendly LED Printers

Mechanically simple, yet producing exceptionally crisp, high-definition results, OKI LED printers are the number one choice for low-cost, economical and environmentally sound business printing. Whether you are printing simple internal documents or graphically ambitious marketing collateral, our printers utilise the LED technology alongside our market-leading reliability to solve all your document workflow problems and optimise your print capabilities.

The exclusive colour technology developed by OKI includes enabling our printers to write to traditional toner colours – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. We are dedicated to making printing easier for all our customers; all our printers can have their toner cartridges and drums replaced independently. Because our LED print head writes data to the drums in one Single Pass, we can use this exclusive technology to add other colours to the output, including white. In fact, OKI created the world’s first digital white toner printer in 2012, removing the last barrier to creativity when it comes to printing graphic designs, printing on paper, card, transfer media and garments.

LED printers offer improved colour registration on any paper type or weight, and our smallest laser printers offer better toner transfer on a wider range of media types. With our straight paper path, there are fewer jams, faster printing and smoother handling, allowing for printing on paper from A6 to A3, including banners up to 1.3m.

We have always been dedicated to working with our customers to solve their printing needs, whether they are small workgroups of less than 5 users, or booming multinational corporations needing the best colour multifunction printers that have excellent print, scan and copy capabilities.

Get In Touch With Us Today To Puchase The Best Small Laser Printer In Australia

If you have any questions about how OKI laser printers in Australia can solve your printing needs, or you need to find the best small office laser printers, then get in contact with a member of our friendly team for more information.
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