Colour Multifunction Printers

A3 Colour Multifunction Printers

A3 Colour Multifunction Printers

Powered by innovative LED technology, OKI’s A3 colour printers offer performance, superb print quality, reliability and efficiency.  They deliver output flexibility for workgroups of all sizes, catering to various print requirements across an array of business environments.

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Invest in a Colour Multifunction Printer

If you’re looking for a new printer, do you really want to settle for just any standard, run of the mill, mediocre printer? No. We don’t blame you, because we wouldn’t either. At OKI Data, we believe that if you’re looking for a new colour multifunction printer, then you should get the best colour multifunction printer available to you, at the best price you possibly can.

We have been preaching this message since our parent company, OKI Electric, was founded in Tokyo in 1881, and since then we have built an empire based on the belief that everyone should be able to have access to the best equipment possible that will enable them to get the job done.

Why Choose OKI Data for Colour Multifunction Printers?

Since our creation, OKI Data has been consistently able to offer and fulfil a wide variety of promises to you, our clients. These include:

One of our biggest points of pride here at OKI Data is our ability to provide a reliant source of high definition printing, which is consistent across all of our devices. This is especially important when we consider the purpose of a colour multifunction printer.

Our LED CMF printers use a single pass technology, which means that regardless of paper size and weight, we are able to ensure that our improved colour registration means a better toner transfer across a wider variety of media types than would otherwise be possible.

Our Colour Multifunction Printers Means Faster Printing

Our LED printers use a single pass technology. Whereas a traditional laser printer will print each of 4 individual colours – black, cyan, magenta, and yellow – using a laser to write the data on each individual drum, the single pass technology that’s found in OKI’s LED CMF printers means that the printer is able to ‘write’ the appropriate data to the four separate drums in a single pass. This means that the job is able to be completed quicker, and will, therefore, increase your productivity by allowing you to print an increased number of pages, faster than you would have been able to beforehand.

These are just two great reasons why you should choose OKI for your printing needs. There are many more benefits able to be discovered on our website.

Questions About Our Colour Multifunction Printers?

We know that refitting your workspace’s printers is often a mammoth task. We also know that it comes with more questions than you dare to think of. That’s why we always have a team on hand to answer them. One of the easiest ways to contact us is via the enquiry form on our website, which can be found under the ‘contact us’ tab.

In addition to this, both of our Head Offices (for NSW and VIC) are contactable by phone and fax. We look forward to hearing from you today.
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