Colour Laser Printers With Scanner in Australia

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Quality, Crisp Colour Printer With Scanner From OKI

Here at OKI, all our LED printers are created with the same ground-breaking technology that set us apart from other manufacturers.

When it comes to multifunction printers, most businesses are looking to purchase a colour laser printer with a scanner, but OKI technology allows our customers to get better quality at a lower cost.

OKI Offers The Best Colour Laser Printers With Scanner For Any Type Of Business

In 1989, OKI created the world’s first LED printers, and since then we have been at the forefront of printing technology, offering innovative technological advances to businesses of all sizes by creating fast, affordable and reliable printers.

Our printer range includes A3 printers that are half the size and cost of other printers with similar specifications – the first in Europe, created in 2006. We also offered to the market the world’s first A4 colour laser printer, creating in a single machine the ability to not only print and copy but also to scan and fax – all with industry-leading technology, crisp output quality and reliability.

OKI Has An Even Better Printing Solution Than A Colour Laser Printer With Scanner

OKI’s multifunction LED printers not only offer excellent print quality and copy functionality but also have the ability to scan and fax using a range of software solutions built to make integration with third-party programming easier.

Whether you need an A3 or an A4 printer with scanner, OKI will have the best colour laser printer with scanner for you.

Our favourite A3 Multi-Function Printer (MFP) is the MC873. Perfect for larger, more demanding workgroups, this MFP is small enough to be on a desktop but has additional input trays and additions to make it floor standing if necessary. With ultra-high capacity toners, this is a solution that not only offers fuss-free printing, copying, scanning and faxing; it is also more cost effective. Low cost-per-page and ecologically sound usage will ensure that this is a sound investment for your business.

Our colour printers with scanner offer a high-resolution printing technology makes even the finest print clear and readable. It is capable of printing at up to 35ppm in colour and monochrome, with an autosensing multi-purpose tray and duplex as standard. For scanning and copying, this MFP has functionality that makes it quick and simple to copy or scan single documents, double-sided documents and even multi-page documents, with a stapler for convenient finishing. You can scan to USB, to a network folder or email (other options are available) and with the clear screen and Job Macro functions for frequent, repeated tasks, using this colour printer with scanner cannot be easier.

Why Buy Your Color Printer With Scanner From OKI?

OKI created the first real-time Internet fax in 1999, and since then, we have developed our fax software technology to the Super G3 Speed Fax that offers resolution of 392dpi. The touchscreen display allows you to not only view the fax as it arrives but also has the ability to block junk faxes and store others.

With the ability to print the content, forward them to another fax machine, or send them to an email address, the flexibility is increased even more, and with 40 one-touch buttons and up to 1,000 speed dials able to be saved, fax capabilities are increased exponentially.

Our customisable colour laser printer with scanner interface and the Smart Extendable Platform, allow seamless integration with your existing document workflows and even with third-party software.

OKI’s Colour Printer With Scanner & The Environment

OKI have a strong relationship with the environment; we create our colour printers with scanner with eco-conscious technology that allows us to contribute to environmental conservation in business activities. We also work with several services that provide recovery, reuse and recycling of end-of-life electronics and consumables. As an added bonus, our customers can register with Close the Loop to have any of our products taken away to be recycled at no cost.

If you would like to speak to a member of the OKI Australia team for more information about the range of colour laser printers with scanner or if you would like to buy a printer online in Australia, then give us a call today – and discover why OKI LED printers are the best choice for your business.
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