A4 Colour Laser Printers for Sale in Australia

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Looking For The Best Value A4 Colour Laser Printer?

When you are looking for a A4 colour laser printer that will cope with your changing business needs, there are so many printers out there; it can be difficult to make the right decision.

If you are looking to buy a printer online in Australia, an A4 colour laser printer could be a good choice, for your business.But here at OKI, we would like to help you choose something that is better – faster and more efficient, saving time, money and the environment.

Look No Further Than OKI When In Need Of The Best A4 Colour Laser Printers

OKI have been at the forefront of printing innovation since 1989. For over 30 years, we have been refining our LED printing technology to create LED printers that offer low cost-per-page solutions that work quickly and efficiently to optimise your print and document workflow.

To fully understand the benefits of LED printing in comparison with laser printing, we have created a guide to help you make the best decision for your business. Understanding whether the best value A4 colour laser printer is the right choice for you, or if our pioneering LED technology is a better option, will make your decision process easier.

Are The A4 Colour Laser Printers The Best For You?

To create the image, laser printers use a concentrated beam of light that reflects off a mirror. This light creates static electricity that attracts the ink and creates a transferable image. This makes laser printing quick and efficient with less wastage than other methods – for example, inkjet printers use liquid ink that can spill and leak and takes longer to create an image.

The A4 colour laser printer is the go-to option for many businesses because the technology is well-known, and the options for print outputs of different sizes and resolutions are vast.

Laser printers are high-volume office printers; they offer a speedy output at a low cost-per-page and are generally durable.

How The A4 Colour Laser Printers Are Different From The LED Ones

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) printers create images in almost the same way as a laser printer – light creates static electricity which creates an image using toner.

However, the LED printer has an array of lights which create the image across the whole drum at once, creating an image quickly with less moving parts.

LED printers are comparatively new technology, and as such, they are growing and developing much quicker than their laser counterparts – every year, research and development makes LED printers faster and more efficient, quieter and more effective.

LED printers tend to be cheaper to buy than color laser printers of comparable types. Due to the way they create images in a similar way, the cost-per-page for both laser and LED is similar.

If you are looking for a best value A4 colour laser printer that is durable, with long-term capacity for heavy use, then the LED printer is a better option – with less moving parts, there are fewer opportunities for failure – less time spent under repair or out of use means less interruption to service and to your business.

LED vs Laser – Best Value Colour Printer?

Each individual printer has their own selling points, but as a rule, LED and laser printers are similar in running costs, output quality and speed.

OKI has been at the forefront of A4 colour printer technology for over 30 years. This means that we are the pioneers of LED printing, from the very first LED printer that we created in 1989 to our ground-breaking 5 colour printers that allow white and even neon colours to be printed onto a range of paper weights and other media – allowing professional printing to be completed in-house, whether it is just monochrome documents or full marketing collateral. Get in touch today for more information about A4 colour laser printers, best colour multifunction printers, best small office laser printers, or any other printer category you might need for your business.
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