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Schulstiftung Seligenthal

An independent sponsor of education and care institutions in the town of Landshut

Schulstiftung Seligenthal replaces a complex and costly print infrastructure with a tailored Managed Print Services solution

Across its education and care institutions, Schulstiftung Seligenthal found itself using a complex variety of printing devices from different suppliers making it difficult to control costs and meaning staff had to switch between different interfaces depending on where they were printing. The foundation realised it required a solution that provided ease of use for all staff across all locations and would allow them to save on print expenditure. It also required a central management console that would provide visibility on the status of all devices, where consumables are needed and which devices may require servicing.
OKI proposed a solution that met the exact tender specifications while significantly streamlining the institution’s print fleet, saving resources. The OK’s solution replaces the complex proliferation of printers with a standard user interface and better page prices, as well as fast, high-quality service. Day-to-day work has been vastly improved across the foundation which now benefits from a page price reduction of at least 30%.
“OKI’s proposal not only addressed our specifications to streamline and standardise our printer fleet, they also provide a great solution to help manage them.” - Carsten Riegert, Director of Schulstiftung Seligenthal
Download the full case study to find out more about how OKI developed a tailor-made printing solution for Schulstiftung Seligenthal

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