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Schellenberg Druck AG expands printing capabilities with OKI  

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Schellenberg Druck AG believe in the importance of innovation and technology and regularly refreshes its production equipment when needed. Its mailing and letter department produces personalised products such as envelopes, brochures and direct mail, using inkjet printers to print addresses on envelopes and for personalised direct mail. However, that approach was not ideal for small font sizes and graphics and Schellenberg Druck realised there was room for improvement. The printing business recognised that OKI’s Pro Series Envelope Print System, which prints in five-colours including white, could add real value to its letter printing operation, and would be the best choice for custom-printed envelopes. Using OKI’s Pro Series Envelope Print System., Schellenberg Druck AG has significantly improved the print quality of its envelopes and can process a wide range of media formats. Orders of up to 2,000 units can be produced economically with jobs running uninterrupted. The fifth colour option also inspired the team to introduce white toner printing as a service which has resulted in positive customer feedback.
“We can print directly on coloured or dark cards and envelopes, including the addresses. This looks much more appealing than sticky address labels.” - Federico Crisafulli, Head of Digital Printing and Assistant Production Manager, Schellenberg Druck AG
Download the full case study for more details on how Schellenberg Druck AG is benefiting from using OKI printers.

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