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Cypher Roastery

Established in Dubai in 2015, Cypher Roastery sources, grades, roasts and supplies specialty premium coffee to service the growing needs and tastes of regional wholesale customers and specialty coffee drinkers. As the business expands, so do the services it offers, particularly for the private client sector who are looking to build their own brand and require a more customised approach to products. To meet this demand, Cypher Roastery needed a flexible solution for short-run customised printing and personalised labels.

OKI equips Cypher Roastery, with solution to meet increasing demand for customised premium coffee products

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With more and more customers wanting customised products and personalised gifts, Cypher Roastery needed a printing solution that would service its personalisation and customisation requirements, particularly for its private client market. While visiting a food manufacturing trade show, the company was introduced to OKI partner Labelgraff, who recommended OKI’s Label Printing Solutions. After exploring Cypher Roastery’s specific application requirements and the different options available to them, the company selected OKI’s Pro9542 CMYK+White printer as the best solution for its needs.

With the OKI printer in place, Cypher Roastery can now easily customise its products in-house, gaining the flexibility and agility it needed in the competitive market. In addition, the company was able to organise its production line and eliminate the use of third-party print suppliers. Since using the Pro9000 Series printer, Cypher Roastery has been impressed with the flexibility it now has in-house, which has enabled the business to offer product customisation as a service and help customers build their brands. 

“The OKI printer gives us a lot of flexibility in the market and an upper hand when it comes to personalising gifts and products for our clients. This helps us build the brand of our customers, which is what we were looking for, and thankfully the OKI Pro9542 provided that solution for us.” - Mohamad Merhi, Managing Partner, Cypher Roastery.

Find out more from Mohamad Merhi about how Cypher Roastery is meeting customer demand for more customised products while improving business agility.

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