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A family run funeral home founded in 1949

Pietät Funeral Home Enhances Its Services with OKI

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For over 70 years Pietät Funeral Home has been in the delicate business of helping people embark on their final journeys. Part of maintaining a high standard of service is providing quality printed stationary for funeral services including cards in a variety of formats and weights, booklets, photographs, banners and CD labels. Managing Director Katja Ultsch was unsatisfied with the quality of materials being printed in house. Colour prints were usually blurry and the printer struggled with printing on card. Print jobs of more than 50 cards needed constant monitoring, preventing staff from getting on with other important tasks. Paper jams were also an ongoing issue. A print package consisting of the OKI C900 Series A3 colour printer fully equipped for banner printing, corresponding software and suitable banner stands now enables the funeral home to print professional quality materials without constant monitoring for big print runs. Since implementing the OKI printer, the funeral home now saves up to 40% on print costs per page. 
”We have been using the printer constantly for about a year now with no problems. In the future, we will always opt for OKI’s complete solutions” – Katja Ultsch, Managing Director
Download the full case study to find out more about how Pietät Funeral Home enhanced its in house printing capabilities with OKI. 

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