Casa della Centralina

Located in Legnano in Italy’s Lombardy region, Casa della Centralina refurbishes, repairs, inspects and replaces vehicle control units, as well as providing customer training and support. With a number of different departments within the company, each with their own document needs, the rapidly expanding business required a printing solution that would guarantee performance, reliability and quality.

OKI supercharges Casa della Centralina’s company growth with flexible printing solutions

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With over 20 staff across various functions including administration, management, sales, technical workshops, warehouses and digital solutions, Casa della Centralina required a solution that would enable each department to remain autonomous without causing any delays or disruption to service. The company’s customer base was also rapidly expanding, and with each vehicle control unit requiring numerous types of documentation including the job completion report, assembly and configuration instructions, shipping documentation and invoices and more, its existing printing solution was no longer able to meet these growing demands.

On the recommendation of OKI partner Infonet, Casa della Centralina had five MC800 Series multifunction printers (MFPs) installed, providing each department with duplex printing, scanning and copying. The OKI A3 colour MFPs have streamlined the company’s workflows, facilitating authorised data and document searches and the integrated stapler has helped ensure customer documents are kept together securely.  OKI’s creative platform The Design Hub combined with the extensive media handling capabilities of OKI’s A3 colour MFPs provided Casa della Centralina the necessary tools for producing and printing visual communications such as floor stickers, health and safety signage and more, on-site and on demand, ready to place in situ when needed. 

“Thanks to OKI’s MC800 Series A3 colour MFP in the goods unloading area, we’ve been able to reduce the time it takes to produce the considerable documentation enclosed with each inspected control unit, from 10 minutes to just 2 minutes” – Massimiliano Rutigliano, Chief Operating Officer, Casa della Centralina

Download the full case study to learn more from Massimilano Rutigliano about how OKI is supporting Casa della Centralina’s rapid business growth.

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