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Providing fast, versatile performance for back-office use in a wide range of settings, the MX8150 can be relied upon for efficient, trouble-free printing. The enclosed cabinet design minimises print noise and ensure effective paper stacking.


Combining a low cost of ownership with fast print speeds of up to 1,500 lines per minute (lpm) and the ability to handle varied media including multi-part tractor-fed media, the MX8150 provides unrivalled performance for applications-driven, heavy usage and high-volume back-office printing while its cabinet design minimises noise.

Fast print speeds - Races through documents at 1,500 lines per minute (lpm)

The high-speed MX8150 combines robust design with fast performance for non-stop, trouble-free performance even in the toughest operating environments.

  • Fast print speeds of up to 1,500lpm
  • Robust design ideal for warehouses, logistics, financial institutions, retail and other commercial and busy office environments

Complete control - Integrated print management system and extended ribbon life

The user-friendly MX8150 features a large graphic display and integrated print management system delivering complete control and monitoring of ribbon life for maximum device uptime.

  • Easy-load clean-hands cartridge ribbon
  • Uniform print quality throughout the ribbon life
  • Standard life 17,000 page ribbon and extended life 30,000 page ribbon options
  • Integrated Print Management system automatically monitors and communicates ribbon life, providing precise control over print quality, consumables costs and job planning

Enclosed cabinet design - Effective printer design keeps print noise to a minimum

Ideal for busy offices, the MX8150’s enclosed cabinet design keeps print noise to a minimum and protects paper feed paths, making it an ideal choice for large, unattended print runs.

  • All input paper is completely sealed inside and protected from damage
  • Highly-effective feed mechanisms allow for neat stacking

Efficient paper stacking - Highly effective feed mechanisms ensure neat stacking

The MX8150 neatly prints and stacks forms, saving time for busy professionals.

  • Bottom-feed paper path with easy-load dual adjustable tractors
  • Ability to stack all the way up to a full box of paper

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