Laying the foundations for construction to resume quickly and safely

As construction sites are beginning to come back to life across EMEA, the busy sounds of a building site will be a reassuring sign that life is returning to normal, but things won’t be quite the same as they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be ongoing challenges that will affect how the construction industry works. This could include extended social distancing measures or a requirement to wear protective gear including face masks and gloves at all times.

Social distancing will be particularly difficult on construction sites as workers typically spend their days moving around the site. When handling tools, equipment and building materials, workers will be concentrating on the task in hand and not necessarily thinking about keeping a safe distance.
What’s more, building from the ground up might provide construction workers with ample space around them, but renovations of existing buildings can mean they’re working in more compact spaces, especially in older structures.  

In all cases, signage will play an important role in reminding workers to keep a safe distance from others and to adhere to the guidelines set to reduce the spread of the virus.

Helping sites promote social distancing

When it comes to encouraging social distancing, posters and signage are all well and good, but self-adhesive floor stickers are an additional solution that can help drive the message home. Construction sites can change very quickly over time, meaning as new parts of the site are built, more floor stickers are required.

Sourcing floor stickers from a third-party supplier can be costly and time consuming. To help businesses create their own signage that encourage social distancing OKI has teamed up with Floralabels to offer free* social distancing media and artwork.
The complimentary designs include three formats: a self-adhesive floor circle (285 x 285mm) and rectangular floor banners in two sizes (215 x 900mm and 297 x 1,320 mm), each with various messaging options to remind workers to keep two metres apart.

Construction companies that take advantage of this offer can create waterproof and UV resistant floor stickers quickly and easily from an A3 colour printer capable of handling the relevant media, for example OKI’s C800 Series, and put them in place with minimal effort.

Print can play a significant role in helping the construction industry adjust to working safely and responsibly within official guidelines for preventing further impact from COVID-19. Being able to print on a wide range of durable materials in professional quality on site will help construction companies quickly adapt vital signage as and when official guidelines change.

The ability to print on site will also enable companies to increase their speed and flexibility when it comes to accessing and printing important documentation and other essential construction site collateral, such as visitor badges, architectural plans and building blueprints, health and safety posters and signage, as well as banners and brochures for promoting new developments.

Supporting safety and efficiency in construction projects

Designed to fit conveniently into busy working environments, OKI’s multi-award winning C800 Series delivers sharp A3 colour printing, on site and on demand. Its ability to print documents and plans in professional quality at any time is key to keeping projects on track and customers satisfied.

The unrivalled media flexibility of OKI’s C800 Series means all manner of materials can be printed in professional quality on site. This includes banners for plans and floor stickers for social distancing up to 1.3m long, signage including window stickers and documents containing fine details, such as drawings, plans, blueprints and instructions.

Printing multiple copies of important project-related plans and documentation can provide further protection from COVID-19 by eliminating the need to share copies with other people on site.

As the construction industry begins to reopen, it’s important to remember that while the worst of the pandemic seems to be over, we must all remain vigilant and do our best to ensure the safety of ourselves and our colleagues. Construction businesses should consider the importance of having the flexibility to print signage and documents on-demand to ensure on-site safety, respond quickly to changing guidelines, while saving time and costs.

Please note, for information on specific media that should be used with OKI printers for the applications specified on this page, please contact your local certified dealer or contact us.

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