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With SENDYS Explorer you can scan and print documents directly to/from cloud applications, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Microsoft Sharepoint.


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Additionally, SENDYS Explorer offers Flex Connector which allows you to create automated document scanning workflows and upload fully-formatted, digitised files to your document management system, giving you total control of the way you work.

Flex Connector lets you choose how to scan, transfer and share documents. It guarantees accuracy and consistency for every scan, ensures document security and boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes.

Customise SENDYS Explorer and your OKI smart MFP to work the way you work by creating customised workflows.


Key features of SENDYS Explorer Flex Connector:

  • Scan workflows make routing tasks simple
  • Customised workflow shortcuts are easily accessible from SENDYS front panel (MFP, smartphone)
  • Configure document input fields, create folders and generate file names automatically, clean and convert images and specify any additional metadata
  • Send output to a range of destination types, including File System, Samba/Network shared folder and FTP allowing you to integrate with 3rd party document management solutions (locally or cloud hosted)
  • Fast batch scanning and automated document workflows using the barcode functionality

Key Features of FLEX Connector Plus:

  • Includes all the features of Flex Connector
  • Zonal OCR, allows you to extract data fields from your document to be used as metadata which can be automatically imported to any 3rd party application (for example extracting a customer name from an invoice for automatic processing)
  • Validate your extracted data on your OKI MFP
  • Simplify scanning by removing black pages and auto-rotation 


Click here for more information about SENDYS Explorer Flex Connector and Flex Connector Plus.     

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