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Use Cases

Case study: SENDYS Explorer in the Healthcare Industry
From increasing the efficiency of ward admin tasks to increasing the security of patient data, SENDYS Explorer offers various functions that not only support users in the healthcare industry, it can also reduce costs, boost efficiency and improve overall care.
With SENDYS Explorer, advanced security features guarantee patient safety and security, while smart document digitising and filing speeds up the reporting process and increases the accuracy of client records. Hospitals and clinics can quickly scan, file and share documents in real time, making them accessible anywhere, at any time for those with the right authorisation.
SENDYS Explorer reduces pressure on staff and resources, minimising time and cutting costs to save crucial healthcare facilities time and money whilst improving the quality of care available.
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Case study: SENDYS Explorer in the Retail Industry
SENDYS Explorer can help any retailer streamline business processes. Cut costs and boost sales by printing graphics in-house to advertise the latest deals, or offer customers unique takeaway printouts.
SENDYS Explorer offers retailers the ability to print high-quality signage, banners and visual aids such as catalogues, in-house. Instead of waiting for an external print company to design, print and send graphics, with SENDYS Explorer a retailer can share and edit digitised documents via the cloud, before printing professional-standard assets to be placed on the shop floor that same day.
SENDYS Explorer saves retailers time and money by minimising shrinkage/storage days, allowing managers to monitor and limit printer usage remotely and accelerating the sales process from POS to purchase.
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Case study: SENDYS Explorer in an Office environment
In the office, SENDYS Explorer increases efficiency, boosts revenue and minimises the business' environmental impact. By digitising time-consuming front-office processes and dramatically reducing time spent on administrative tasks, an office can run more efficiently. Staff no longer have to wait for print jobs and can focus on growing the business.
With SENDYS Explorer, personalised document-scanning workflows save time by connecting directly to third-party applications, for example a Document Management System, via an XML interface. With one click, you can securely transform any paper document into a range of digital formats.
For HR departments, the hardware fleet overview offers usage statistics and print reports per user and department, so printer usage is monitored and potentially capped. Alerts ensure any device errors are immediately reported and toner shortages, for example, are addressed as and when required.
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