PrintSuperVision adds a new dimension to printer management by simply using a web browser from your IT manager’s desktop. Effortlessly locate, set up, observe and maintain your printers and MFPs – from a handful to thousands, in a single location or enterprise-wide.

The easy-to-use, intuitive software utility provides a full range of management functions – not just for OKI printers but other brands too.

Real-time remote printer management

Use PrintSuperVision to remotely view the real-time status of all your printers and MFPs, to monitor and report on usage and to manage and replenish consumables. Simply configure the software to suit your printer management requirements and access the user interface through a standard web browser with no requirement for additional software.

Status at a glance

PrintSuperVision lets you identify device configurations and capabilities in one comprehensive screen which also includes easy-to-identify, colour-coded supply levels and operational status, displayed in real-time.

Monitor printed page volume

PrintSuperVision's Printed Pages Report quickly displays print volumes for one or several devices at a time. Create graphs and print results right from the application, or export data in a variety of formats.

Keep your device locations clearly visible

To make finding and identifying devices easy, PrintSuperVision allows you to import floor plans, site maps or geographic maps and place interactive icons where your devices are actually located.

Maximise uptime, minimise service calls

PrintSuperVision Supplies Usage Report predicts consumables’ “change by dates” to help you better plan your supplies purchases. Receive email notifications when supplies are required and order supplies online from the website of your choice in just a few clicks.

Download PrintSuperVision


  • Proactively manage and monitor networked OKI printers and MFPs and compatible devices from other manufacturers
  • Monitor printing costs
  • View maintenance logs
  • Predict toner levels and image drum life for accurate planning
  • Easy to set-up; copy settings from one printer to many
  • Use standard web browsers to view device status
  • Create and control user access rights
  • View usage reports on-screen or in XML and Excel® formats; export data in Text and CSV formats
  • Schedule reports and generate automated e-mail delivery
  • Order supplies online or generate hard-copy purchase orders

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