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Modern consumers have become more savvy, dictating their own terms of engagement and quite often researching their requirements before they enter a store. As a result, retailers in today’s fiercely competitive market are forced to respond quickly in order to meet their changing needs. 

Better shelf-edge information has been shown to increase sales, which puts labeling and signage at the forefront of efforts to provide a rich, engaging environment that will encourage customers to purchase more.

Key challenges

  • Engaging with customers during their buying journey by delivering a good customer retail experience in order to attract footfall and increase sales conversion
  • Retailers need to be agile and adapt to shopper needs across any channel, at any time and in any place
  • A personalised shopping experience must be delivered to maintain competitiveness
  • Brand and messaging has to be consistent to improve the consumer’s in-store experience, accelerate the purchase process and reduce man-hours

How OKI can help improve your business

Better control

OKI and NetTickIT have partnered to create the ultimate retail ticketing (labelling) and signage solution. Using NetTickIT to centralise the production of high-impact signage, detailed product information, offers, images, awards, reviews, QR codes and more has many benefits. 

It protects the brand, ensures compliance and maintains consistency in messaging and quality. A centralised document management workflow also reduces the number of materials used and gives better control of multilingual and multi-currency files without impacting design and brand experience at every customer touch point. 

All templates are developed and maintained by head office, then uploaded and distributed to each MFP in the store network, reducing labour time and human error.

A super-efficient labelling solution with no additional in-store IT

With no IT intervention or additional technology required in-store, NetTickIT can be accessed easily from your smart MFP touch panel. 

The user-friendly interface and one-touch access makes using NetTickIT easy for retailers, reducing production time, printing errors and simplifying processes for in-store staff, who can focus on completing the sale. 

Obtain the power to be consistent across all touchpoints

NetTickIT® powers omni-channel strategy in multiple ways, allowing retailers to align their marketing messages across many different customer touchpoints. 

It hands them the agility to change in-store signage quickly and easily so it is consistent with their online presence. Staff can view new tickets specific to their store format and product range at the click of a button. The required ticket can be selected and printed, allowing stores to have new signage up and running in minutes - saving time and cost.

React to trends fast, with quick roll-out promotions

OKI printing technology combined with NetTickIT’s leading-edge, smart signage software provides endless possibilities. Retailers are able to implement dynamic in-store promotions and can also monitor store performance and sales uplift in-store. 

Since NetTickIT is cloud-based, it is easily integrated with legacy systems and existing in-store infrastructure without expensive additional IT investment. Retailers have access to analytics, allowing them to identify and react to trends with in-store price changes and promotions rolled out within minutes.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Centralised control, bringing true omni-channel consistency and enhanced customer responsiveness
  • Faster and more accurate printing of tickets (labels), offers, awards, reviews, QR codes
  • Substantial ROI gains and reduced man-hours through centralisation and simplification of workflow management
  • Unrivalled flexibility and innovation for promotional in-store printing through use of cloud-based solution and analytics

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