Item Type Price Notes
20151216030203353-PN867_tray.png/PN867_tray.pngAdditional Paper Tray 44676103 Capacity of 580 sheets of 80gsm. *1
20151216003033853-01182907_ram.png/01182907_ram.png256 MB RAM 01182907
20151214104557617-MEM256G_512D.png/MEM256G_512D.png512 MB RAM 01182908
20151216003033873-01272701_ram.png/01272701_ram.png16 GB SDHC Memory Card 01272701 *2
20170112114029134-C800_Series_34_banner_printing.jpg/C800_Series_34_banner_printing.jpgBanner Tray 45015702 Capacity of 10 sheets of 80gsm.

*1 The product can take up to 2 additional trays.

*2 Encryption for authentication printing. Font you will not be able to download. In addition, if it is you use a non-OKI data genuine products, please note that operation can not be guaranteed.

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