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Rob Brown Senior Manager Business Development, OKI Europe Ltd, highlights the opportunities that innovations in label printing technology are creating for Print Service Providers
As many businesses have shifted to new models during the pandemic, Print Service Providers can profit from producing labels for those that have turned to creating and selling their own products.
Accessing a new revenue stream such as short run label printing can help Print Service Providers stabilise their business, as demand for more traditional print services declines1. Print businesses will be looking for opportunities that can quickly provide high profitability with low investment. And with the global label printing market estimated to reach $49.9 billion in 20242, now is the time to consider entering the market. 
Innovations in label printing technology, for example, devices that print in CMYK+White, and handle a range of media such as transparent, coloured, or metallic effect, provide print businesses with the flexibility to push the boundaries of creativity and offer new and existing customers eye-catching label designs that command attention, on-demand.

Overcoming traditional label printing challenges

Profiting from labels has traditionally been difficult, as label printers are typically limited to producing specific minimum quantities leading to customers having to commit to a higher cost for more labels than they need. 
Minimum order quantities can also leave customers with excess label stock that can take up limited storage space or generate unnecessary wastage if thrown away. As consumers become increasingly climate conscious, businesses will be looking to operate as sustainably as possible, and this includes keeping wastage to an absolute minimum.
Tea Club, an importer and distributor of high-quality tea and coffee, was using an external print supplier for its label printing needs. However, this involved ordering in very large quantities which often exceeded its requirements and led to a lot of wastage. This also meant personalising products was not an option it could offer customers. The company invested in OKI’s Pro1050 Five Colour Label Printer and now has the flexibility to print the exact volume of labels it needs, when needed, reducing waste while also becoming more creative with designs, printing its own labels and personalised labels for its clients on a range of different materials.
Innovative label printing technology demonstrated in OKI’s range of label printers allows Print Service Providers to produce short runs of colour labels affordably, in professional quality, on demand. These fast, easy to use devices can print any quantity, from one label upwards, providing customers with the exact volume of labels they order, removing the need for a minimum quantity. This also makes short run customised labels a viable service to add to their portfolio and meet the growing demand for customised and personalised products and packaging. Furthermore, with no set-up time and costs, this can even be handled at short notice.

Making great ideas stick in CMYK+White

A label printer that offers five colour printing in CMYK+White such as OKI’s innovative Pro1050 Label Printer will bring a new dimension to the finished label, creating a distinctive and eye-catching finish to label designs on transparent media which can be placed on any coloured background including dark bottles. The Pro1050 adds white toner under the CMYK design, making the label design stand out on the transparent background or on different label media including uncoated paper, synthetics (PE, PET, PP), waterproof, textured or coloured label stock.
Print Service Provider Urlichs & Pape began to see a decline in demand for traditional label printing processes as customers shifted their focus to coloured adhesive labels. By investing in OKI’s five colour label printer, the business is delivering on clients’ demands by producing labels on uncoated, glossy, and textured papers as well as synthetic materials and transparent, opaque, white, or coloured substrates.

A viable revenue stream for Print Service Providers

While labels have not always been a profitable option for Print Service Providers, things are starting to change. A compact label printer that is powered by LED technology and can add new creative dimensions using a fifth colour can easily make short run label printing a feasible source of revenue. Not only can Print Service Providers pick up additional business from existing clients by offering this service, they can also generate new business from the new breed of retailer producers that have used the pandemic as an opportunity to pivot into new markets. 
Discover more about OKI’s innovative, award-winning solutions for Print Service Providers or request a Callback to claim your free* Personalised Print Samples.

Request a Callback to claim your free* Personalised Print Samples or find out more about OKI’s Solutions for Print Service Providers

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  2. The offer is conditional upon you requesting and receiving a callback from an OKI Representative.
  3. This offer is limited to Print Service Providers only. A Print Service Provider is a business that provides commercial printing services.
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