Helping petrol stations go the extra mile through and post-lockdown

Petrol stations have played an essential role during lockdown. While restricted travel has made roads quieter, key workers, emergency services and delivery vehicles have carried on moving and petrol stations have kept them going. However, as lockdowns are easing, more motorists are re-joining the roads and quiet forecourts are becoming busier. 
Petrol stations are having to adjust to dealing with increased demand, but the circumstances in which they operate will be very different. For a start, social distancing will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Other potential measures for avoiding further peaks in COVID-19 infections could include wearing gloves when operating fuel pumps, limiting the number of customers inside the retail space at any given time, as well as encouraging customers and staff to wear face masks – some of which are already in force across Europe. 
With guidelines and policies changing on a regular basis across countries, signage is playing a critical role in helping organisations operate safely, responsibly and cost effectively through and post-lockdown.

On the road again

Petrol stations have an obligation to introduce measures that will help stop the spread of the virus. Clearly communicating this to customers and staff is vitally important, as well as having the flexibility to adapt to regularly changing government guidelines.  
The use of banners, posters and self-adhesive floor and window stickers can help communicate the controls that are in place such as social distancing and preventing overcrowding in often restricted space. The use of banners can help highlight temporary measures such as queuing instructions, both for vehicles entering the forecourt and customers entering the building as well as encouraging the use of facemasks and gloves to prevent the spread of germs.
Hanging and freestanding banners can help to direct visitors around quickly, limiting social contact with others. Floor stickers at the checkouts and food counters can help ensure customers keep their distances while queuing. Signage on bathroom doors can inform motorists of increased cleaning schedules, and encourage the 20 second handwashing guidelines.

Going the extra mile

Social distancing is at the core of safety restrictions relating to COVID-19, but it can be a challenge to implement as petrol stations prepare for a sudden increase in visitors. On recognising this, OKI Europe has teamed up with Floralabels to offer organisations free* social distancing media and artwork that will enable them to create self-adhesive floor stickers quickly and easily on-site. 
The free media and artwork will enable petrol stations to operate with the peace of mind that they are taking steps to protect the wellbeing of their staff and customers. The complimentary pack includes three floor sticker formats; a self-adhesive floor circle (285 x 285mm) and self-adhesive rectangular floor banners in two sizes (215 x 900mm and 297 x 1,320 mm), as well as a set of eye-catching designs with various messaging options to remind visitors to keep a safe distance from each other.  

The route forwards

When it comes to implementing professional quality signage, having the flexibility to create and print on site and adapt to changing official guidelines at a moment’s notice is key. This saves time and money by avoiding the lengthy process of approving designs and waiting for printed collateral to be dispatched from third party print suppliers.
Petrol stations can create signage in a wide range of formats, including durable waterproof media for outdoor use, quickly, easily and in a professional quality using a single device such as OKI’s award-winning C800 Series A3 colour printers. These compact printers are designed to take up a minimal footprint in the back office and will supply everything from 1.3m metre hanging and freestanding banners to self-adhesive floor stickers, posters, shelf-edge labels and much more. 
As the roads start to get busier, petrol stations need to be ready to cope with increased demand, ensure safety and wellbeing in line with official guidance, and drive revenue by highlighting offers and promotions. A single printer with diverse media handling can support in each of these areas, providing the flexibility of professional and affordable print, in-house and on-demand. 
Please note, for information on specific media that should be used with OKI printers for the applications specified on this page, please contact your local certified dealer or contact us.

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