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C530dn and C510dn High Definition digital LED Printers Receives Highest Japanese Design accolade, the 2010 Good Design Award.


OKI announce that its new compact high definition digital LED printers, the C530dn and C510dn, have been awarded the 2010 Good Design Award in Japan

Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is Japan’s only comprehensive product design award, judged by over 70 designers, architects, editors, and other specialists. The award was previously won by OKI Data in 2006 for their C3000 Series, the first of OKI Data’s product lines to incorporate the company’s new S3 (Solid, Simple Smart) Product Design Strategy; this design approach was a reflection of OKI Data’s brand strategy that simultaneously acknowledged the changing global trend in office design. In presenting the award to OKI Data, the judges commented: "Overall, all necessary functions are incorporated within a smart design. Also, the toner area is fine and simple, allowing easy replacement of the toners.”

Leveraging its unique digital LED technology, OKI Data has made significant advancements in high-speed, compact printers. The C530dn and C510dn realize the world’s lowest height for a digital color printer, 9.5 inches, while incorporating an automatic duplex (2-sided) printing function. The image drum unit, of which one was previously required for each color, has been reengineered so that only a single unit is needed to print all colors. Moreover, the waste toner box, of which one was also previously needed for each color, has been reconfigured so that only a single box is required. These changes together have led to a 10 cm reduction in height and 40% reduction in volume compared to conventional models, enhancing ease of use and integration into any busy workgroup environment.

"We are pleased that the new C530dn and C510dn have been awarded the Good Design Award, since at OKI Data we believe the ultimate expression of a company's brand values is the product itself. The design philosophy behind these products is based around three key attributes that we believe reflect our brand: simple, solid, and smart–S³,” said Harushige Sugimoto, President of OKI Data. "These models are the culmination of OKI Data’s continually evolving digital LED technology and ongoing R&D investment, which have enabled us to deliver a product with a stylish and compact form that boasts features and performance that are second to none. We will continue to apply the design philosophy used here to all of our future product designs.”

The 'G-Mark System' behind the Good Design Awards was created by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1957, at a time when design was given little emphasis in Japanese product development. Today, the award still strives to encourage "quality in all aspects of life" so that businesses have access to high-quality products in the same way that consumers do, and is embraced across a number of fields including architecture, the environment, communications, and experimental design in state-of-the-art technical fields.

About S³

S³ stands for the combination of the following attributes: simple, smart, and solid. “Simple”, the product is easy to use and has a clean design appearance which fits well with today's modern office environment. “Solid”, reflects that the product is well built and reassuringly reliable. “Smart”, the product has a range of intuitive features that make color printing easy.

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