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Bestandsgrootte 157,461 Byte
Categorie Printerstuurprogramma
Programmaversie 1.1.1
Producten C332; C532; C542; C612; C712; C833; C843; MC363; MC563; MC573
Besturingssysteem Chrome OS; Linux
Talen Engels; Japans


- For Chrome OS
This only supports printing from the network.
How to set up:
1. At the bottom right, select the time.
2. Select in the order of "Settings" > "Advanced" > "Printing" > "Printers".
3. Select "Add Printer" at the bottom. (Select printer icon with the plus sign on the right.)
4. Enter your printer information on "Add a printer manually" screen.
Name : Enter any name.
Address : Enter printer's IP address.
Queue : Leave this field blank.
5. Select "Add".
6. Select "Browse" button on "Advanced printer configuration" screen and specify PPD file.
7. Select "Add".


When using Chrome OS, the following limitation apply.
- This only supports printing from the network.
- Paper is fed from Tray 1.
- Even if collate is specified, copy printing is performed.

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