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Bestandsgrootte 799,162 Byte
Bestandsnaam PA_MACX_412wsl_91931.dmg
Categorie Hulpprogramma voor desktop
Programmaversie 4.1.2
Producten  Pro9431Env;  Pro9541Env; C330; C332; C530; C531; C532; C542; C5700; C5750; C5900; C5950; C6000; C6050; C610; C6100; C610DM; C610DN2; C612; C6150; C710; C711; C711DM; C712; C821; C822; C824; C830; C831; C831DM; C833; C834; C835; C841; C843; C844; C8800; C910; C910DM; C911; C911DM; C931; C931DP; C941; C941DP; C942; C942DP; C9600; C9650; C9655; CX2633 MFP; CX2731 MFP; ES2032; ES2632a3; ES2632a4; ES3032a4; ES3640; ES3640 MFP; ES3640a3; ES5430; ES5431; ES5432; ES5442; ES5461 MFP; ES5462 MFP; ES5463 MFP; ES5473 MFP; ES6410; ES6410DM; ES6412; ES7411; ES7411DM; ES7412; ES8430; ES8431; ES8431DM; ES8433; ES8434; ES8441; ES8443; ES8451 MFP; ES8453 MFP; ES8460 MFP; ES8461 MFP; ES8461+ MFP; ES8462 MFP; ES8463 MFP; ES8473 MFP; ES8483 MFP; ES9410; ES9410DM; ES9411; ES9431; ES9541; ES9542; MC363; MC561; MC562; MC563; MC573; MC843; MC851; MC851+; MC852; MC853; MC860; MC861; MC861+; MC862; MC863; MC873; MC883; ML1055; ML910PS; ML9600PS; MPS2731mc; Pro9431; Pro9431DM; Pro9541; Pro9541WT; Pro9542; Pro9542Env
Besturingssysteem macOS 10.15; macOS 10.14; macOS 10.13; macOS 10.12; OS X 10.11; OS X 10.10; OS X 10.9; OS X 10.8
Talen Engels; Frans; Duits; Italiaans; Japans; Koreaans; Vereenvoudigd Chinees; Spaans


1. Double click the downloaded file.
2. The disk image will be mounted on a desktop.
3. Launch the program by double clicking the icon in the disk image.


• The device needs to be connected to USB or TCP/IP network.
• An internal hard disk or an SD memory card is required in a device.
• In macOS, only the PS driver can use the ICC profile registered in the device.
• At the time of the USB cable connection with device which has PS emulation, OS may communicate with the device. In the meantime, this software cannot connect to the device. Please wait until the end of PS data communications (about 1 minute).

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