Colour Printers

A4 Colour Printers

A4 Colour PrintersNew!

Combining digital LED technology with efficient design, OKI’s fast, affordable reliable A4 colour printers are ideal for creating colour and black and white-only documents from one printer, without compromising speed, quality or cost.

A3 Colour Printers, toner printer, professional printers, laptop printers

A3 Colour Printers

Built to perform and packed with innovative LED technology, OKI’s broad choice of A3 colour printers offer fast, efficient performance, superb print quality and reliability as standard. The A3 colour printer range delivers great results and flexibility for workgroups of all sizes as well as professionals in design, creative and graphics businesses.

Graphic Arts Printers

Graphic Arts Printers

Combining High Definition print quality, unrivalled media flexibility and ground-breaking technology, OKI Graphic Arts Printers deliver high-impact 5 colour and white toner technology on demand. A high-performance alternative to expensive digital or lithographic printing, the innovative Graphic Arts Printers unlock important revenue streams for creative and graphic arts businesses.

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